Volunteer Day 2017

Volunteer Day 2017 April 8, 2017 10am-2:15pm

This short fun half-day will accomplish hand-pulling areas of Garlic mustard.  Work in groups of 2-6.  This invasive “weed” has marched into areas that were cleared of much worse invasives by professionals. 

Garlic mustard is a thin, easily dislodged knee-high plant that steals light, water and soil nutrients from local native plants that provide habitat (food, shelter, etc.) to our native wildlife; the Garlic mustard reduces the natural biodiversity.

Our pullings will be bagged. Control is best in early spring before flowering, or regularly remove plants prior to seed set. Hence, this will likely be an annual April event.  A little of your time will make a noticeable difference.

Wear closed-toe shoes, clothes than can get dirty, bring your favorite gloves or borrow ours, and bring water or other beverage and snack. Long pants, white socks and long sleeved shirts are also recommended.

Park on Tennis Ave facing up-hill. Walk into the park between 130 and 122 Tennis Ave. Volunteers will greet and orient you to what Garlic mustard looks like and where it can be found.  Easy work in the outdoors air!