October 18 2017 Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2017 6:30-8:30pm | Borough Hall Meeting Room | Recorded by: Lindsey Daku

**Wednesday November 15th at 6:45pm**

Members in Attendance:

  • Mary-Margaret Monser, Chair EAC
  • Jill Sanchez
  • Lindsey Daku
  • Erin Landis
  • (Quorum)

Absent Members:

  • Mitchell Cashatt
  • Lisa Keenan
  • (One Vacancies)

Friends of the EAC & Visitors in Attendance:

  • Chris Raines, Ambler resident, Friend of the EAC
  • Bob LaGreca (Planning Commission Chairman; Borough Council Candidate)
  • Rachel Rosenfeld (WVWA Employee; Allentown resident; first time visitor)
  • Hani White (Feed the Barrel; first time visitor)
  • Andrew Chiang
  • Judy Baigas
  • Neal Gale (Abington EAC member; first time visitor)
  • Susan Johnsson (Former member, EAC Accountant)

Action Items by Person:

  • Mary-Margaret: contact DCNR for resources and brochures
  • Lindsey: add Erin as admin on Facebook; create Trifold design with content from MM, send meeting minutes, send October newsletter



6:30 – 7:00   Presentation by Feed the Barrel – Eden Green Energy (Immigrant-run, local company); Recycled oil to biofuel, compost and soap

7:00 – 7:15   Meet and Greet

7:15 – 7:20   EAC Business Vote on September Meeting Minutes (Approved)

7:20 – 8:50   Updates

Council/Planning Commission Updates

  1. Open Space – (update from Bob) next Tuesday planning commission is updating Open Space plan with newer acquisitions and potential spaces; 1 year project; MM will send Bob existing maintenance plan for reference; Rachel is willing to share WVWA inventory as well (Scott is presenting at Open Space Showcase 10/26 at 6pm Springside Chestnut Hill Academy); can an ordinance be written to ensure maintenance?
  2. Stormwater Ordinance – small tweaks made and ordinance passed
  3. Bamboo Ordinance – no new bamboo!!; Planning commission revisiting existing bamboo (who’s responsibility is it and who enforces it)
  4. Redevelopment – St. Anthony’s demo of home to build rectory (recent demos include Belmont (for the better of the community), Forest, etc); Nothing to be done (outside of incentives) to encourage homeowners keep the “Ambler aesthetic” when rebuilding; Are there appropriate ordinances to ensure stormwater is managed on site? And that new trees are planted where others are cut down?
  5. Erin EAC member

Announcements and Opportunities

  1. October 17th Ambler Borough Council Meeting
  2. October 21th 8:30-10:30am Stewardship Saturday at Ambler Borough Park
  3. October 24th Planning Commission Meeting
  4. October 28th 11am-3pm – Weavers Way Grand Opening  11:00 to 3:00
  5. Nov 2nd – Valley Talk at Valley Green Inn 6-7:30 pm “Valley talk” with Christine Knapp $10
  6. Nov 3rd – WVWA Birdfeed Preorder Due
  7. Nov 4th 9am – WVWA 5 Mile Trail Race
  8. November 11th OR 18 (tentative) Fall Planting Project at Ambler Borough Park
  9. November 12th 2pm – Solar Workshop with North West Philly Solar Coop
  10. November 18th Help Make Ambler a Shade Better Tree Planting

EAC Project Updates

  1. Keep Ambler Growing a Shade Greener/TreeVitalize
    1. New street tree going in front of Pizza Box
    2. New street tree going in at Calvary Methodist on Lindenwold
    3. Total of 34 trees: 7 street trees and 13 park trees, the rest are resident trees
    4. 30 kids coming out from Wissahickon HS Key Club #NEEDAHASHTAG
    5. Rachel may be available as a Tree Tender (with a group? And supplies?) to assist on Nov 18th; Jill following up for TT volunteers (Ron Aires and Stephen Hilbert)
    6. MM will reach out to Weaver’s Way for baked goods and coffee for morning of 😉
  2. Stewardship Saturday
    1. Has become very educational with some invasive removal
  3. Rain Garden at AMC
    1. Education sign – MM reached out to Master Watershed Steward for signage
    2. Very successful project!
    3. Special thanks to Tannery Run Brewery
  4. Fall Native Planting at ABP – Date TBD
  5. Solar power
    1. November 12th at 2pm at Borough Hall
    2. Erin is currently marketing event – Shuttle, Ambler Gazette, etc.
    3. Facebook Event
    4. Lindsey will introduce Erin to Jean Parry for possible refreshment donations
  6. Beautiful Project
    1. October focus: converting grass to green landscape
      1. Sharon McCormick
      2. Bernadette Dougherty
    2. Include “nomination” process in Newsletter
  7. Rain Gardens / stormwater infrastructure
    1. EAC “leftover funds” to be allocated to 1 more Raingarden this year
    2. Possible location: 130 Hendricks Street
    3. Tom Tyrell interested in building his own as well
    4. Timeline: this weekend
  8. PHS Urban Forest Cloud – scheduling training with Barley and Dana early December
  9. Wissahickon HS Senior Project
    1. Jill working with Rachel Bowman on 40 hour project over Fall and Spring
    2. Rachel will be developing educational materials for events including: Trifold, game or activity (possibly making recycled instruments), and brochure

Education Opportunities:

  1. Weavers Way Sustainability Club
    1. “How to go toilet paper free” or just use Who Gives a Crap products
    2. Group is very personal-development oriented
    3. Resources for living sustainably (not focused on community)
  2. Monarch Waystation Program
    1. Aiming for Spring 2018
    2. Rachel can put MM in touch with Kristy Morely (Naturalist in Conservation dept at WVWA) for collaboration opportunities
  3. Bringing A Watershed Moment to Ambler Theater
  4. February Ambler EAC Summit
  5. April GreenFest/EarthFest in Ambler
  6. Spring Native Planting gardens (at Knight Park?)

Possible future initiatives

  1. Tree Vitalize Watershed Grant
    1. Due Nov 10
    2. MM to follow up with Holly Collello for assistance with grant writing
  2. Temple University Office of Sustainability
    1. 24 hr Bioblitz – species counting
    2. 2 day event
    3. 1 hour Workshops on birding, invasive plant & mammal identifications
    4. Planning for June for next event
  3. Sustainable Tools for Assessing and Rating Communities STAR – MM will email contact for presentation
  4. Advocate for trails and education on BoRit Hill
  5. Electronics Recycling – making it a more regular event
  6. Volunteer Co-ordinator/Job descriptions/Website/Newsletter/Email/Social Media

8:50 – 9:15  Next Steps/Action items

9:15        ADJOURN