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October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Recorded by: Ben Bergman

Members in Attendance

  • Ben Bergman
  • Mary-Margaret Monser
  • Stephen Maakestad
  • (No Quorum)

 Absent Members:

  • Karen Polesir, Susan Johnsson
  • (Two Vacancies)

Associate and Visitors in Attendance

  • Jill Sanchez
  • David Morgan

Next Meeting Date – November 16th – 7 – 8:15 pm at Ambler Borough Hall – 131 Rosemary Ave

Agenda Topics

  1. Tree Vitalize – Find an Arborist – Perhaps Julianne Schieffer from the Penn State Extension

EAC General Updates

Council/Planning Commission – No One Went

Announcements and Opportunities:

  1. Washington Business Alliance – No one went
  2. EAC Coming to Farmers’ Market on the last day of the season
  3. Two People in the Borough want Rain Gardens – Kate Henry? How to get them involved.
  4. Tree Planting – November 17th – 19th
    1. Borough is investing in 17 trees
    2. 4 on Borough Land
    3. 3 in Ricciardi Park
    4. 1 on South Main Street by State Farm
  5. Borough Has excavated space on Main Street by Decks
  1. Ambler’s TMDL Strategy – lay version was presented to the group by Susan for discussion and by in from the Borough. It was agreed that all members must review.

Carried Over New Business:

  1. EAC Mission and wish list products

Meeting Adjourned