November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Recorded by: Mary-Margaret Monser

Members in Attendance:  
Mary-Margaret Monser
( No Quorum)

Absent Members: 
Karen Polesir, Ben Bergman, Stephen Maakestad, Susan Johnsson
(Two Vacancies)

Associates and Visitors in Attendance:
Susan Curry
Chris Raines

David Morgan

Jill Sanchez (with Christian)?

Next Meeting Date:  December 21, 2016 at 6:30pm at From The Boot, 110 East Butler Ave

Agenda Topics

  1. David Morgan on Trees:
    1. Julianne Schieffer, Regional Urban Forester from Penn State Extension provided inservice training to Ambler Borough Public Works crew on pruning trees in Ambler Borough. Jim Wack and his crew were receptive to develop expertise in tree maintenance.
    2. Julianne Schieffer is open to being invited back in the Spring.
    3. There are 7-8 Ash tree’s in Knight Park that are in need of protection from the Emerald Ash Borer at an estimated cost of $200 per tree.
    4. Trees at Riccardi Park have not been pruned properly. It is believed that a property owner near the park has done pruning on their own.
    5. A Spring Bare Root tree planting can be organized – identifying sites will be essential.
    6. A successful volunteer + borough crew effort planted 17 bare root trees in Ambler on November 17-19.
    7. There is no ordinance that requires a property owner of a sidewalk tree pit when they remove a dead tree to specify that the stump be ground to a 12” depth so that the pit will be ready for a new tree to be planted.  The EAC might propose a new code to have stumps ground to 12” level if a tree is removed from public leeway.
  2. Council and Committee Updates:
    1. Budget is under discussion.
  3. EAC Budget for 2016 and 2017
    1. 2017 EAC budget proposal was submitted
    2. 2016 remaining funds: possible outdoor recycling bin, or
    3. Consider hire RedTail Restoration to initiate work on the Edgewood Preserve Conservation Management Plan (authored by the WVWA)
  4. Borough Park Maintenance
    1. Red Tail has accomplished noticeable removal of vines near the well shed.
    2. To build Borough commitment to follow the Conservation Management Plan in Borough Park as well as Edgewood Preserve, consider bringing together John Ferro of WVWA, with Greg Gagliano of Red Tail and Mary Aversa for discussion and decisions on actions
    3. April 8, 2017,  10-1pm a volunteer event “Garlic Mustard invasive removal” day
  1.  Ambler’s TMDL strategy: Mary Margaret and Susan intend to polish the lay version and add links for additional information websites, then post on the EAC website.
  2. Tinkergarten: Nicole Skinner is inspired to start events for tots spend time in Borough Park.  The effort will be self-funded. The first event is Dec. 12.. The EAC supports this effort; will help to publicize it, and inform the Parks and Rec. committee.

Carried Over and New Business

  1. Follow up with Elizabeth to inquire about the success of her proposal to acquire  a non-toxic road salt alternative for de-icing during the winter.

Meeting adjourned