Meeting Minutes September 20, 2017

September​ ​20,​ ​2017​ ​7-9:15pm​ ​|​ ​Borough​ ​Hall​ ​Meeting​ ​Room​ ​|​ ​Recorded​ ​by:​ ​Lindsey​ ​Daku

Members​ ​in​ ​Attendance:
Mary-Margaret Monser, Chair EAC
Jill Sanchez
Mitchell Cashatt
Lisa Keenan
Lindsey Daku
Absent​ ​Members:
(Two​ ​Vacancies)

Friends​ ​of​ ​the​ ​EAC​ ​&​ ​Visitors​ ​in​ ​Attendance:
Susan Curry, former EAC chair, Friend of the EAC
Erin Landis, Ambler resident, Friend of the EAC (possible EAC member applicant)
Chris Raines, Ambler resident, Friend of the EAC
Susan Johnsson, former EAC member, Treasurer
Holly Colello, Ambler resident (first time visitor)
Tom Tyrell, Ambler resident (first time visitor)
Thomas Campbell, Ambler resident (first time visitor)

Action​ ​Items​ ​by​ ​Person:
Mary-Margaret:​ Send info on mapping program for Ambler tree inventory and trifold
measurements to Lindsey. Contact Steve Maakestad for original NPDES layman’s summary
Lindsey:​ Circulate meeting minutes; October Newsletter; Begin design for Recycling
Educational Trifold; get more familiar with The Sustainable Tools for Assessing and Rating
Communities STAR; explore mapping software through PHS; Add
next EAC meeting to FB
Jill:​ Feedstore will need soil added to pit before planting. Plan for tags or plaques to
acknowledge donors/memorial plantings

Mitch:​ ​Get rain garden commitments from all homes to confirm needed support our 2018
Budget ask.
Susan​ ​C:​ Connect Holly to Fred Connor (Whitpain, BoRit); Dig up asters for Nov. 11 planting;
connect with Lindsey for my years of TreeVitalize tree planting to be included in Ambler tree
inventory map; remind Jill and Mary Aversa when stumps are gournd to grind to 10” deep
Susan​ ​J:
Chris:​ ​Coordinate plant donations reception for Nov. 11 Park planting event; meet briefly with
Red Tail staff to decide on ideal locations

6:30 – 7:00 Closed meeting with Frank DeRuosi from Park and Rec for EAC Members
7:00 – 7:15 Meet and Greet
7:15 – 7:20 EAC Business: Vote on Meeting Minutes for August (APPROVED)
7:20 – 8:30 Agenda Items
EAC​ ​Project​ ​Updates:
Brief EAC Updates
1. Keep Ambler Growing a Shade Greener –
a. 34 trees to be planted on residences, businesses, and borough parks on Nov 18
b. Special thanks due to Mary Aversa and Glenn for their help and persistence in
pursuing Ambler business owners and residents to plant trees! Mary was able to
persuade KC’s Alley and the Feedstore; Glenn got the new houses on Edgewood
to plant 4 trees total (2 houses) & the new house on Rosemary (1 tree); The beer
distributor has also committed to 2 trees around back of their building.
2. Stewardship Saturday went well. Three new participants, two who came to the meeting
tonight. Pulled stiltgrass in section 4.
3. Rain Gardens
a. Project at AMC is planned for Sept 30 & October 1st; funded by Tannery Run
Brewery. Volunteers needed?
b. Borough Council is also interested in planning a rain garden for Borough Hall; the
EAC is continuing this conversation with Frank & Nancy to begin initial planning
c. Mitch will get commitments from all homes to confirm needed support our 2018
Budget ask.
4. Fall Native Planting at Ambler Borough Park

a. Scheduled for Nov 11 with local boy scout troop
b. Looking for native plant donations; can be dropped off to Chris Raines. Chris will
connect with Red Tail staff for where to plant what.
5. Total Recycle Tour
a. Very successful event – 18 month old VERY ADVANCED facility
b. Local Moms (including one running for school board) would like to take the
resources back to the kids for in-school events and field trips for students 11
years old and up (Yes!)
6. Budget for 2018
a. Reviewed with Frank DeRuosi – to get requested stormwater management funds
for residential tools, Council would like a list of 5 residents who want rain gardens
and 20 rain barrels (Lindsey sent initial GAG list to Mary Margaret)
7. Solar power
a. Erin is working with NWP Solar Coop to arrange a solar power presentation for
Thursday, Nov 9 (alternative date: Nov 12)
b. Erin is in contact with Mary Aversa to see if Borough Hall facility can be used
c. Looking for marketing opportunities – WW Shuttle, Mayor’s Memo, Grid Mag, etc.
8. Beautiful Project – continues to be a successful and fun educational community initiative.
Decks Hardware and Jean Bellavance have both been honored so far. Criteria: to
highlight stormwater measures implemented on the property, more than just beauty.
9. Ambler MS4 Pollutant Reduction Plan – the EAC would like to disseminate this
information to the public in more layman’s terms – approach Borough Council for
approval to summarize as an effort in public education. MM to see if Steve Maakestad
can revive the initial summary of Ambler’s NPDES plan
Council/​ ​Planning​ ​Commission​ ​Updates:
10. Open Space
11. Stormwater Ordinance
Upcoming​ ​Events​ ​and​ ​Opportunities:
12. September 23rd Saturday Household Hazardous Waste Collection
13. September 26th Planning Commission Meeting
14. September 28th A Watershed Moment at the Hiway Theater in Jenkintown
15. September 28th Penn State Extension Master Watershed Steward Meeting (for Master
Watershed Stewards only) Erin Landes is considering taking the course
16. September 30 and October 1 Rain Garden Installation at AMC

17. October 3 Ambler Borough Council Committee Meeting
18. October 7 5-7pm – WVWA Gala Fundraiser (Susan and Erin are attending)
19. October 17th Ambler Borough Council Meeting
20. October 18th – Next EAC Meeting
21. October 18th 6:30 – Feed the Barrel Event at Weaver’s Way – collection of kitchen oils t
be recycled into biofuel
22. October 21 Stewardship Saturday at Ambler Borough Park (possible second Oct SS
planned for Oct 28th with Church group – plan to pull from areas to be planted with
natives on Nov 11 (Chris and MM – ask Redtail what areas are priority)
23. October 28 11am-3pm – Weavers Way Grand Opening 11:00 to 3:00
24. Nov 2 – Valley Talk at Valley Green Inn 6-7:30 pm “Valley talk” with Christine Knapp $10
25. November 11 Fall Planting Project at Ambler Borough Park
26. November 18 at 9am Borough parking lot – Help Make Ambler a Shade Better Tree
Education​ ​Opportunities:
27. Weavers Way Sustainability Club
a. Very initial stages for the club
b. meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm (WW Mt. Airy)
c. next meeting is 9/26 – Lindsey and Erin will attend
28. Student engagement in Community Environmental Projects – Borough Council would
like us to work with Wissahickon HS (Nancy has contacts to pursue); Plastic bag
collections at the HS; Straw-on-demand
29. Electronics Recycling Always B Recycling — Mary Margaret would like to see a quarterly
event in Ambler with ABR; check with Denny’s Electric for flourescent bulb proper
30. Monarch Waystation Program
a. Tom Tyrell is interested in design a tri-fold
b. look for ways to integrate Monarch Waystations in to current projects like Rain
31. February Ambler EAC Summit – not discussed
32. Aquaponics at Temple Ambler mentioned Mike Bobbis.
Possible​ ​Future​ ​Initiatives:
33. Tree Vitalize Watershed Grant​ ​-​ ​Due​ ​Nov​ ​10th​ ​**Need​ ​volunteers​ ​to​ ​help​ ​write

34. Bringing “A Watershed Moment” to Ambler Theater – Lisa has a contact to ask about
theater rental for different theaters
35. April GreenFest/EarthFest in Ambler – not discussed
36. Spring Native Planting gardens
37. Sustainable Tools for Assessing and Rating Communities STAR – Nov. EAC meeting
38. Advocate for trails and education on BoRit Hill – not discussed
39. Volunteer Coordinator/ Job descriptions/Website/Newsletter/Email/Social Media – not
8:30-8:40 Next​ ​Steps/Action​ ​items