Living Green

SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS THAT REDUCE YOUR ECO-FOOTPRINTOur goal is to help Ambler Borough residents reduce their overall environmental impact with simple, achievable suggestions.


ONE:  Use Less Energy

  • Turn off lights, computers, TV’s, coffee makers, stereos, etc. when not in use; unplug items that draw “ghost” power even when switched off
  • Walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation
  • Adjust the thermostat at night & when you are not at home
  • Replace incandescent lights with more efficient bulbs (CFLs, LEDs, tubular fluorescents)
  • Hang up clothes to dry
  • Run full loads in the dishwasher
  • Use an electric mower or push mower
  • Plant a shade tree
  • Buy Energy Star equipment & appliances
  • Install a solar hot water heater

TWO:  Use Less Water

  • Don’t leave water running while brushing teeth, washing dishes, etc.
  • Install aerator screens on all faucets
  • Don’t use drinking quality tap water to water gardens & lawns; select drought-resistant plants or collect rainwater for watering
  • Purchase low-flow faucets & shower heads
  • When buying a new toilet, consider a dual-flush

THREE:  Use Fewer Natural Resources

  • Use washable towels & napkins instead of paper
  • Buy recycled-content products
  • Drink filtered tap water in refillable bottles (avoid bottled water)
  • Use reusable mugs & food storage instead of disposal containers
  • Think before you print & use both sides of paper (use one-sided scrap for draft printing)
  • Buy for durability, not disposability

FOUR:  Reduce Waste

  • Compost biodegradable kitchen waste
  • Promote electronic distribution of information
  • Bring reusable shopping bags to the store
  • Reuse when you can
  • Recycle what can’t be reused
  • Use rechargeable batteries

FIVE:  Avoid Toxins & Pollutants

  • Plant your own organic vegetable garden
  • Clean using non-toxic products or make effective cleaners using kitchen ingredients
  • Don’t heat food in plastic or Styrofoam
  • Change air filters regularly
  • Vacuum carpet & rugs regularly; consider replacing wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Avoid vinyl and vinyl compounds
  • Avoid air fresheners

SIX:  Protect Natural Ecosystems

  • Install a rain barrel under down spouts
  • Don’t litter; pick up litter when you see it
  • Do not use fertilizers or pesticides
  • Buy unbleached paper products
  • Reduce the size of your lawn
  • Let your grass grow longer
  • Plant a butterfly garden
  • Plant a rain garden
  • Install a living roof (where structurally feasible)
  • Plant a vegetated swale along driveways

SEVEN:  Invest in the Local Economy

  • Buy from local stores
  • Buy locally produced goods (especially food
  • If you own a business, hire local workers & pay a living wage