June 2017 Meeting Minutes

June 26, 6:30pm – 9:15pm | Borough Hall Gym | Recorded by: Lindsey Daku

*****Next Meeting Wednesday July 19, 2017 @ 6:45pm****

Members in Attendance:
Mary-Margaret Monser, Chair EAC
Jill Sanchez
Lindsey Daku
Mitchell Cashatt

Absent Members:
(Three Vacancies)

Associates and Visitors in Attendance:
Susan Curry, former EAC Chair
Susan Johnson, EAC acting treasurer`
Nellie DiPietro, Ambler Resident/Borough Council Candidate
Chris Raines, Ambler Resident
Stephen Mellett

Action Items By Person:
Mary-Margaret: Meet at Pie and Plate to develop website; contact Dan McCormick who works for SEPTA to get advice or referral to best person how the EAC can promote the idea of trees to SEPTA. Set -up Stewardship Saturday’s in Ambler borough Park with Greg from Red Tail, create map of invasives, create education board, marketing. E-mail Ambler Borough Council to request stormwater funds for 5 confirmed rain gardens in September. Work with Chris Raines on planning a native garden in public open space, research grant. E-mail Ambler Borough Council and Mary the WVWA Edgewood Preserve Conservation Management Plan and request consideration. Farmer’s Market education and format create, sign up for September and October education at the Farmer’s Market. E-mail MWS for brochures. Follow up with Sunny about Fall tour for Total Recycle and ask about batteries.

Lindsey: explore EPA C-FERST tool for GIS (meeting with Mitch and MM 7/9 at 10am @Pie and Plate); Website updates: check for accomplishments pages, add raincheck program page with gallery; add next meeting to Facebook; Monthly Newsletter; email Mary Aversa regarding trash receptacle replacement in the borough, possibly explore student project to adopt most effective community recycling program

Jill: Continue to develop list of high school projects; provide link to the short video from PHS on proper mulching. Continue to work on Tree Vitalize for Fall planting. Continue to develop sponsorship for trees in the parks to replace lost Ash trees.
Mitch: Continue to follow through with the Mennonite and other rain gardens; Clarify with Greg that when invited to promote business, do not bill EAC; Meet at Pie and Plate to develop website; Begin to revise the Rain Garden program parameters


Nellie: Look into solar panels at the Ambler BoRit pile

Susan J: Invoice to pay $350 from EAC budget for Steven Hilbert for windsheild survey

Chris: Reserach batteries (alkaline, nickel/cadmium, lithium — which ones recycle how

Agenda Topics:
6:30 – 6:45: Meet and Greet
6:45 – 8:30: EAC General Updates
Meeting Minutes: May approved

EAC updates:

  1. Environmental Science Program at UDHS – 2 projects ID’d
  2. Rain Garden Tour – 18 people attended; Press Release sent to Enterprise; request for rain garden on E-Mt Pleasant
  3. Master Watershed Program: 50 hours service commitment
  4. Budget – Approx. $883.41; it is not too early to begin to plan for 2018 EAC budget request
  5. Upcoming volunteer events: third Saturdays 8:30 to 10:30 Stewardship Saturday’s.
  6. Harry Heckler Sr. wants to involve scouts in planting in Borough park
  7. EPA C-FERST tool — Lindsey to investigate training and software needs

Council/ Planning Commission updates

  1. Stormwater Ordinance Wissahickon Creek Watershed Act 167 Plan Watershed based stormwater management plans…requires municipalities to adopt and implement ordinances to regulate development consistent with these plans.
  2. Parks Update: Green Infrastructure in Parks   also promote installing porous surfaces more
  3. Open Space Ambler Open Space Plan 2006 — will be discussed at the upcoming Planning Commission Meeting.
  4. Ambler Crossing Development/ Asbestos
  5. St. Mary’s Villa
  6. Floodproofing presentations for Ambler area residents.
  7. Alexy-Quinn appeal status — it is in Norristown with the court system

Announcements and Opportunities

  1. June 27 Bucks Mont EAC Summit  Mary-Margaret will go
  2. June 27 Planning Commission Meeting Susan C will go
    1. Bamboo – ordinances from other municipalities least restrictive and most and consideration about closeness to property lines and public ways.
    2. Open Space- proposed preliminary discussion about update of Ambler Open Space Plan 2006
  3. June 28 at Weaver’s Way From the Ashes Film Screening about the coal industry followed by a discussion on how we can create sustainability.

Rain Gardens

  1. Mennonite Church/Residential: Christine/Derek on Mt. Pleasant; 130 Henricks and 372 Forest; Nicole Battestelli on Lindenwold. Mitch to review pricing estimates
  2. Website/Program Parameters make sure our plan for rain gardens is prominent on the EAC website-  Meet at Pie and Plate to develop website more
  3. Funding – Request renewal of funding for Rain Gardens from general budget stormwater management to support 5 rain gardens for September planting. (Understand rain gardens were not funded this year due to of a lapse in the program for two years. Let them know clearly that rain gardens are happening again.

Farmers Market

  1. Upcoming events: July 29 FEMA display with Chris Raines staffing
  2. Format: every presentation needs an engagement activity whether for kids or adults. Create Format and education. Sign up for September and October education.

Trees (TreeVitalize)

  1. Septa Lot trees – Mary Aversa skeptical that SEPTA will want the maintenance responsibility. MM will contact Dan McCormick who works for SEPTA to see how the EAC can promote the idea of trees to SEPTA.
  2. Landlord trees. Arthur, a landlord in Ambler would like some trees for his properties.
  3. Adopt a tree. Jill is working on encouraging and engaging residents to adopt a tree at a park in or a public open space in Ambler to nurture for 2 years, This effort helps to replace the Ash tree population being deciminated by the Emerald Ash Borer.
  4. Mulching: MM provided printed information on proper mulching to municipal crew who were piling mulch into volcanoes (street trees, and commercial and private trees). Jill had a short video from PHS on proper mulching — get the link and share it.
  5. Emerald Ash Tree Borer Alert was a success.

Emerald Ash Borer

  1. Over 27 homes got a Flyer — homeowners who were home for conversations were appreciative
  2. Map and follow-up with homeowners about the success of Ash Trees treated. Put map on Website.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

  1. Schedule Fall Tour and Farmer’s Market with Total Recycle
  2. Promoting recycling in Ambler — Plan ahead for having dual containers around town so people make a choice; educate about what is recyclable through Ambler Gazette article. Develop a reduce, reuse, recycle program that fully helps us to reduce our consumerism and promote sustainability.

Ambler Borough Park

  1. Stewardship in the Park 3rd Saturday’s 8:30-10:30
  2. Red Tail – clarify that not all events will be billable, if tabling to promote his services; discuss replanting in Ambler Borough Park, what native plants should be planted where invasives have been removed.
  3. Riparian Buffer Zone
  4. Tree Identification – set up for a high school project

Student Initiatives

  1. Jill is creating a booklet with a list of opportunities for students. Mrs Loch and Mrs. Fantini are the contacts at UDHS. Semester long projects.
  2. Eric: Eagle Scout. Mitch following.
  3. UDHS Environmental Program
  4. UDHS Senior Community Study

Watershed Management

  1. Opportunities
  2. Green Infrastructure – Susan C will share slides from the flood proofing workshop
  3. Rain Barrels: follow up on installation


  1. Climate Change;  Explore opportunity to have solar panels on Borough Hall roof and on the Ambler Savings Bank roof. We understand solar panels were not put on the Municipal garage due to neighbors not wanting to look at them
  2. Trail connecting Borough park to Green Ribbon Trail.
  3. Battery Solutions: Research if batteries can go into the incinerator. Look at container for collecting batteries at municipal building.
  4. Asbestos. How to convey public information from DEP.

8:30 – 8:40 PM Next Steps/ Action Items/ Next Meeting: Wednesday July 19, 2017