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June 15th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Members in Attendance:

  • Stephen Maaksetad
  • Ben Bergman
  •  (No Quorum)

Absent Members:

  • Susan Johnson
  • Karen Polesir
  • Mary-Margaret Monser

Associates and Visitors in Attendance:

  • Susan Curry
  • Brooke Marshall

Next Meeting Date: July 20th at 7:00 PM – 131 Rosemary Ave

Action Items by Person:

Steve: Compile information for mini-campaign poster/video, etc.; lead next meeting discussion on EAC mission and wish list

Susan J: Report on budget status.

Mary Margaret: Bring computer, arrange projector, use of Council Chambers and key, on TMDL best practices for next meeting. With Susan C to finalize draft lay-version of Ambler TMDL Strategy.

Ben:  Draft EAC minutes. Set up Google docs with automatic emails to alert of new posts or changes. With Steve: develop poster/video on Lawn Chemical mini campaign. Prepare an overall short and long-term EAC Social Media strategy for July meeting discussion.

Susan C:  With Ben: Google tutorial; send him updated EAC membership list. With Mary Aversa: PECO grant awarded? TMDL projects–existing funded and planned unfunded and eventual maybe, update on due date for Detailed TMDL Strategy, citizen participation. With Frank DeRuosi: criteria for spending PECO $10,000.  With Chris: Adopt-a-tree Agreements, posting for approval on Google docs, clarify process for implementation. Arrange tour of Gwynedd Creek. With David: Shade Tree member outreach. To Steve: VMLCC materials on lawn chemicals. To Rick Collier to nudge Restoration plan from WVWA. Coordinate with Mary-Margaret to finalize draft lay version of Ambler TMDL Strategy.

Brooke: Review Ambler TMDL Strategy – write fuller letter of concerns about inadequacies. Research and capture information on alternatives to using toxic herbicides.

Raija: Clarify when or if coming back to Ambler. Red Tail operations oversight and progress. Park volunteer dates. Process of getting tree tags, white pines,

Agenda Topics

  1. Council/Planning Commission Updates:
  • July 19th Council will vote on previous Riparian Buffer Ordinance.
  • Brooke brought up the presentation given by Rick Collier of the WVWA at the last council meeting. WVWA is trying to get all the municipalities along the river to achieve a TMDL better than the state’s mandates. The State will discuss funding to do research.
  • Did Rick’s talk change minds regarding riparian buffers? Creek is so built out in Ambler that nothing in Ambler can be done.
  • Gym Rental budget was tabled.
  • A presentation was given by a third party contractor for a giant cell phone pole in the courtyard of Borough Hall. Sharan McCormick and Sal Pasceri will investigate.
  1. Announcements and Opportunities
  • Fort Washington Business Alliance – Nothing coming up. Steve went to the last cocktail hour.
  • Someone should visit the Storm Water Management Plant – discuss at the next meeting.
  • Rain Garden Tours – Starting at the Farmers’ Market is unfeasible. Regarding the farmers’ market, a tour of the Watershed may be possible. Rain Garden tours require a committee to plan and reach out to participating homeowners
  • Susan Johnson will have a budget update next meeting. Trees didn’t cost as much as due to home owner cost sharing.
  1. Farmers’ Market Programming
  • What type of materials to have at the EAC table at the Farmers’ Market was discussed.
  1. TMDL Strategy
  • Brooke is working on an outline for a layman’s version of the TMDL
  • It should be placed on the Google Drive for everyone to edit.
  • Brooke’s concerns – what is the Borough’s overall plan? There is not enough detail.
  1. Borough Park Maintenance
  • A 10,000 grant from PECO was mentioned. Susan will talk to Frank D about what to do with the money.
  • Adopt-a-Tree Program – Chris Raines sent out a one page for adopt a tree.
  • Susan thinks it’s appropriate for the Shade Tree Committee to run the Adopt a Tree Program.
  • Anything in print has to be run by Mary Aversa.
  • Susan and all will make changes to the Adopt a Tree document on the Google Drive.
  1. Share Documents via Google Docs
  • Ben will teach Google Docs to anyone who needs to learn.
  1. Carried Over New Business
    • Fall Mini Campaign – Maybe a poster. Give people an alternative to minimize lawn chemicals. Relate it to bee colony collapse.

The Recycling Plant is no longer offering tours. The EAC is worried that is due to so much being contaminated and not being recycled. It is suggested that the EAC is more aggressive in asking for a tour of the plant.

  • Shade Tree Committee – Dave Morgan will convene. Need at least 3 people. Susan views the Shade Tree Committee as the strong arm of the EAC. Members don’t need to be from the Borough.

Upcoming Meetings

Ben will do a presentation on effective social media strategies and how they can communicate the mission of the EAC

The meeting was adjourned around 8:45 PM

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