March 2015 Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2015     7:00 to 8:45 PM  at Ambler Borough Hall

Member Attendance (quorum): Steph Figary, Susan Johnsson, Steve Maakestad, Mary-Margaret Monser

Member Absence: Charlie Charlesworth, Matt Cooley, Alex Pratt

Associates: Susan Curry, Chris Raines

Also in attendance: members of Earth Fest Planning Committee: Chris Mrozinski, Mary Gorka; and Rachel Rosenfeld (Master Watershed Steward), Mike Kozlowski

Next Meeting Date: April 15, 2015 – location to be announced


Action Items by person:


  1. Assist in organizing music, children’s activities and compost bins for Earth Fest.
  2. Identify landscapers that could offer services to support the rain garden program.
  3. Convey Susan J’s water faucet drip measurements to Alex


  1. Confirm all previous rain gardens are registered and have signs.
  2. Process checks for Earth Fest


  1. Support Rachel Rosenfeld as needed.


  1. Connect with two other potential homeowners for 2015 Rain Garden installations.


  1. Have ready for April 17 the visual display for our Water Conservation mini-campaign showing how much water is wasted with a dripping faucet, high flow shower head, or running water while brushing teeth.
  2. Send photo and short bio to Raines for website.
  3. Connect with potential funders for Earth Fest.


  1. Send photo and short bio to Chris Raines for website.
  2. Send contact info for persons to complete infiltration testing for rain garden program.


  1. Continue superb coordination of Earth Fest event. Post at
  2. Figure out how many volunteers are needed, for what tasks and for what time frame.
  3. Coordinate with Daniel Brouse to submit the costs of EAC domain registration for reimbursement.


  1. Coordinate with lists of potential volunteers, establish Park Clean-up date, prepare brief report for Council presentation either first or third Tuesday of month prior.


  1. Introductions
  1. All attendees gave brief introductions. EAC welcomed Rachel Rosenfeld, who committed to organize and lead a Park Clean-up Day.
  1. Earth Fest Planning:
    1. Chris Raines noted two articles publicizing the event: The Enterprise and Fort Washington Business Alliance, as well as two slides at the Sustainability Movies and handouts of flyers there. There will be an article in the Home Town News. Chris has contact Penn State for a climate-weather speaker. More volunteers are needed. Extra Flyers were handed around for distribution.
    2. Steve is helping with the Program booklet which will intend to have a map of the area and parking options on the back.
    3. Pi Dental Center, main sponsor, will sell the T-shirt at their booth for $10(T-shirts will be free to volunteers and contributors that have committed to the event). The EAC chose a teal color shirt with a dark blue text.
    4. No food trucks have committed as yet.
    5. Chris is seeking to video tape the speakers.
    6. Daniel Brouse is helping with music outside.
    7. Rotary will display one of their “Shelter Boxes” a 3-month emergency kit for a family.
    8. Suggested: have the Earth Fest announced in Wissahickon HS morning PA blurbs.
  1. Ambler Borough Park Clean-up Day
    1. Rachel Rosenfeld has personal experience in invasive removal and wide list of volunteer connections. She will coordinate a park Clean-up day in late June or July.
  1. Endorsement
  1. EAC decided to lend name to the Partners in Design by Nature rain garden tour on June 20th.
  1. Rain Gardens Update
    1. Mary Margaret confirmed that Dan Dohoney is ready to install his rain garden. Susan is supposed to have his signed agreement on file.       There are 6 homeowners with whom the EAC has not yet connected.
    2. Susan is developing a resource list for the homeowners of landscapers, excavating contractors, and infiltration professionals. Please send known resources to Susan.
    3. Chris Raines, Christopher Mrozinski, and Mary-Margaret agreed to assist in planning the Rain Gardens tour (June, July, or August).
  1. Facebook Page and Website
    1. Susan will ask Elizabeth Russell to forward the 4 articles that we submitted to Home Town News to Chris to post on our EAC website, Facebook pages.
    2. Alex Pratt and Charlie Charlesworth to send a short bio/photo for website update.
    3. Chris will posy things at, and AmblerRambler.
    4. Daniel Brouse will submit the costs of EAC domain registration for reimbursement.
  1. BoRit Community Action Group:   No new information to report since the last EAC meeting. Charlie Charlesworth will take Susan Curry’s spot as an alternate on the CAG.
  1. Next Meeting: April 15th, 2015 at 7pm. The location will be determined. The meeting may be held at the Calvary Church for Earth Fest planning.
  1.       The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.