2014-12 EAC Meeting Minutes December 17

Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 7:00 to 9:00 PM
Member Attendance (quorum): Stephanie Figary, Susan Johnsson, Steve Maakestad, Mary-Margaret Monser Member Absence: Matt Cooley Associates: Susan Curry, Chris Raines Also in attendance: EAC candidate Alex Pratt
Next Meeting Date: January 21, 2014 7:00 pm. at Calvary Methodist Church
Action Items by person:
Maakestad: a) Find a professional to do infiltration testing for spring rain gardens and beyond. b) Find 2-3 landscaping companies who can assist with rain garden installation and obtain
quotes for typical rain gardens. c) Text ideas to Raines for the EAC website. Johnsson: d) Notify Borough of permanent meeting date change to 3rd Wednesday of the month, and ask for change on Borough website. e) Eventually confirm all previous rain gardens are registered and have signs.
Figary: f) Send flyer about March 26 Rain Garden workshop at North Wales Library. g) Contact Master Watershed Stewards to see if they would adopt the Borough Park Clean-up
day and more (study for long-term plan). h) Send Curry copy of the Maintenance guidelines with estimate of hours per season.
Monser: i) Work with Curry to draft a white paper statement about consistent stormwater ordinances. j) Work with Curry to reach out to potential homeowners for 2015 Rain Garden installations. k) Send bio and photo to Raines.
Raines: l) Draft program summary for Earth Day event April 18, 2015; contact potential exhibitors, draft an exhibitor registration form. m) Work with Daniel Brouse and Curry to get more pages of the EAC website updated

Borough of Ambler 122 East Butler Avenue
Ambler, PA 19002-4476 215-646-1000
Begin coordination of potential Rain Garden homeowners with Monser. Prepare list of vendors and professionals to give to homeowners infiltration testing, sod cutter, plant vendors, mulch vendors, landscapers, etc.
Communicate with Borough: David Morgan will put out Clear Stream recycling stands at

Borough events. Pratt:
Apply for seat on EAC. Send cover email and resume to Mary Aversa, Sal Pasceri, and Steve Maakestad.
Research and design a visual display for our Water Conservation mini-campaign showing how much water is wasted with a dripping faucet, high flow shower head, or running water while brushing teeth.
Read and cull policy ideas from Penn State manual for maintaining Ambler’s Downtown trees – Shade Tree Commission?

1. Council/Committee updates:
Ambler Savings Bank Zoning waiver is being appealed at Harrisburg
GlenMawr subdivision will be addressed at Dec. 23rd Planning Commission
Borough Staff and Volunteer Luncheon will be held at Fireside on Dec. 24th .
Steve Maakestad presented the EAC Annual Report. Council appreciates work we are doing.

2. EAC General Updates and New Actions:
The EAC budget of $2,350 proposed for 2015 is included in the Borough Budget.
The Glen Mawr 4-lot subdivision will apparently be approved as there are no ordinances or zones to prevent it. Monser highlighted the Temple Ambler Study of Rose Valley Creek and that their recommended ordinances exist in Upper Dublin. In what ways can the Ambler EAC encourage multi-municipality consistency along the same creek?
Figary mentioned the recent court case where Penn Future sued Upper Gwynedd for loose justification of their MS4 permit. The result of the court decision will affect the permitting process for ALL municipalities. For example, municipalities will need to be responsible for the TMDL run off from the whole area not just from municipally owned roads and properties. DEP will soon send a letter to municipalities informing them of the new requirements. Additionally, Act 167 is now in DEP’s hands to review and approve, after which municipalities will have 6 months to adopt the required ordinances.
Borough of Ambler 122 East Butler Avenue
Ambler, PA 19002-4476 215-646-1000
The EAC is supporting an Ambler Earth Day event on April 18th at the Calvary Church. The January 21st EAC meeting will be held at the church to facilitate co¬planning with their group, especially Eileen and Mark Wenckus. Raines seeks to register exhibitors now to get commitments. She suggested: WVWA, PFEC, DEP, EPA, FDA, Penn State Extension, Covanta, Impact collection, computer collection, smart cars, Temple Ambler Horticulture, solar panels, Rick Denzien music and LEV, lectures, movies, Hurricane Schwartz, compost bins, porous pavers, T-shirts. Church would buy and sell refreshments. There could be 16 or more tables. Parking could be provided on the street and possibly the CVS lot. Promotion and marketing would be the critical action item at this time.
EAC Spring Mini-Campaign will focus on water conservation to support residents in keeping their water bills down despite raised rates. Pratt suggested a display that SHOWS how much water is wasted when brushing teeth with the water running, Jonhsson mentioned two faucets leaking and will measure how much leaks in 24 hours.

f) Borough Park Maintenance: Figary asked the WVWA property manager to estimate the number of hours to accomplish the tasks in the maintenance guidelines
– the total for the year was about 33 ½ hours. Curry will take this information to Mary Aversa to see what the public works crew can include in their annual tasks. It was noted that if the EAC organizes a park cleanup day, we should ensure that work tasks to not violate the Borough’s union contracts.
g) Curry will orchestrate a Park Clean-up day in June or July, in cooperation with any unions who need to be included. Figary can see if Montgomery County Master Watershed Stewards would be interested in running the clean-up day as a volunteer project.
h) EAC Website and Facebook page: Pratt suggested sending instagram photos to our page. Anyone is to text ideas for content to Raines. Monser will send her photo and bio.
3. Rain Gardens:

a. The WVWA is holding a rain garden workshop March 26 at North Wales Library

7:00 to 9:00 PM

b. Curry is still looking for someone to do infiltration testing and also some potential landscapers who could install rain gardens if homeowners want to hire someone.

c. Curry will begin contacting interested homeowners to send them the Home Owners Agreement to see if they still want to partner with EAC. If so, we’ll arrange site visits to investigate feasibility for one or more rain gardens. Monser will partner with Curry to accomplish this outreach


Borough of Ambler 122 East Butler Avenue
Ambler, PA 19002-4476 215-646-1000
d. To promote interest in rain gardens the EAC may organize a June 2015 Rain Garden Tour with publicity at the Earth Day event and Farmers’ Market. Curry and Monser will check with existing rain garden homeowners to find some who would help with planning the tour.
4. Next Meeting:
a. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 7:00 pm.at Calvary Methodist Church.
6. The meeting was adjourned at 9:05PM.