February 18, 2015-02 Meeting Minutes

Ambler Borough Environmental Advisory Council

Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2015     7:00 to 9:00 PM  at Ambler Borough Hall

Member Attendance (quorum): Charles Charlesworth, Steph Figary, Steve Maakestad, Mary-Margaret Monser, Alex Pratt
Member Absence: Susan Johnsson, Matt Cooley
Associates: Susan Curry, Chris Raines

Also in attendance: Lindsay Blanton (WVWA), members of Earth Fest Planning Committee: Gary and Julia Lefever, Chris Mrozinski, Mary Gorka

Action Items by person:


  • Assist in organizing music, children’s activities and compost bins for Earth Fest.
  • Text ideas to Raines for the EAC website.
  • Identify landscapers that could offer services to support the rain garden program.


  • Confirm all previous rain gardens are registered and have signs.
  • Measure how much each faucet leaks in 24 hours.


  • Connect with certain people about being presenters at Earth Fest.
  • Coordinate with Master Watershed Steward on scope of work for Park Clean-up along Rose Valley Creek.


  • Reach out to potential homeowners for 2015 Rain Garden installations.
  • Send bio and photo to Raines for website.


  • Contact potential exhibitors for Earth Fest event April 18, 2015; rally volunteers.
  • Complete fliers for Earth Fest event.


  • Reach out to potential Rain Garden homeowners with Monser.
  • Prepare list of vendors and professionals for homeowners.
  • Coordinate with David Morgan to put out Clear Stream recycling stands at Boro events.
  • Connect with certain organizations about Earth Fest table or presenting.


  • Complete design of visual display for our Water Conservation mini-campaign showing how much water is wasted with a dripping faucet, high flow shower head, or running water while brushing teeth.
  • Postpone until later: Read and c
  • Send photo and short bio to Raines for website.
  • ull policy ideas from Penn State manual for maintaining Amblers Down town trees – Shade Tree Commission?


  1. Send photo and short bio to Chris Raines for website.
  2. Identify person to complete infiltration testing for rain garden program.


  1. Introductions

All attendees gave brief introductions. It was noted that Charlie Charlesworth’s appointment to the EAC was approved on Tuesday, February 17th.

  • Presentation by WVWA Water Quality Outreach Coordinator

Lindsay Blanton of the WVWA gave an excellent presentation on the history, issues and potential resolutions for the Wissahickon watershed.       Lindsay highlighted major concerns including stream bank erosion and addition of impervious surfaces contributing to increased runoff.

  • EAC General Updates and New Actions
  • Earth Fest Planning:

Chris Raines noted several vendors and contributors that have committed to the event. The group discussed key planning action items including:

  1. Advertising – Chris Raines is finalizing the brochures and fliers to be used to advertise the event. It was agreed that the event would be advertised in the Hometown News, Enterprise, Ambler Theatre during the Pennypack Farm movies series among fliers in other key locations.
  2. Food – a separate meeting will be scheduled to discuss in more detail.
  3. Fundraising – Alex Pratt has reached out to several potential benefactors and is waiting to hear back.
  • Ambler Borough Park:
    1. Rachel Rosenfeld, the Master Watershed Steward for Rose Valley Creek was unable to attend the meeting. The group decided to draft a scope of work for Park projects including: 1) a park clean-up day, 2) a plan for on-going maintenance, and 3) a plan to address/restore stream bank erosion along the Rose Valley Creek that could be sent along to Rachel. (Curry)
  • Council/Committee updates:
    1. The GlenMawr subdivision/development on Edgewood was discussed. Borough Council seems to have momentum in reviewing ordinances to protect and preserve steep slopes, flood plains, riparian buffers, wetlands and woodlands.
  1. EAC Spring Mini-Campaign
    1. The campaign will focus on water conservation to support residents in keeping their water bills down despite raised rates. Alex Pratt is finalizing an article and developing a display for the campaign which will be available at Earth Fest. (Alex Pratt)
  1. Hometown News
    1. Several articles will need to be submitted for the Home Town News including:
  1. Water Conservation mini campaign (Pratt)
  2. Rain Garden Program Article (Curry)
  3. Earth Fest Advertisement (Raines)
  • Stream Clean-up end of April (Curry)
  • Rain Gardens Update
    1. Susan Curry provided an update and noted there are 12 potential rain gardens for the upcoming spring and fall rain garden installations.
    2. Charlie Charlesworth will look into finding someone to complete infiltration testing.
  • Facebook Page and Website
    1. The EAC Facebook page and website have greatly improved thanks to the efforts of Chris Raines.
    2. Alex Pratt and Charlie Charlesworth to send a short bio/photo for website update.
  • BoRit Community Action Group:
    1. Steve Maakestad provided an update on the Asbestos remediation effort undertaken by the EPA on the Keasby-Mattison properties. The project includes capping two large asbestos piles and draining and remediating a reservoir that will ultimately be restored as a waterfowl preserve.
    2. It was noted that there are currently two proposed developments on Chestnut Street that would be located on top of pre-existing asbestos waste sites.       These are brownfield redevelopments under PADEP’s ACT 2 program.
  1. Next Meeting: March 18th, 2015 at Borough Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM.

Meeting Minutes February 2015