Help Make Ambler A Shade Better

Thank you Ambler residents!  28 trees will be planted this spring!

If you are interested in a tree this fall, email

Consideration is still being made for a few remaining trees to be planted in public spaces. You can email
your suggestions or pictures to the Ambler EAC at or send your picture via
messenger on facebook @amblereac. Together we can continue to Grow our Community Greener by
Making it a Shade Better.

The Ambler Environmental Advisory Council continues to promote the value of trees in an
urban community by sponsoring the Make Ambler a Shade Greener program. Working in
conjunction with the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society’s TreeVitalize program, the Ambler EAC
is able to offer a selection of trees for businesses and residents to purchase at subsidized costs.
The Ambler EAC helps with selecting the right tree for the right spot, and arranging for planting
if desired.

Additional 2018 Tree Information:

  • Only Ambler Borough residents are eligible
  • Trees must be planted within 10 feet of the sidewalk, street, driveway or parking lot.
  • Planting street trees on your property helps make Ambler a walkable community
  • $55 for your first tree, $80 for any additional trees
  • You will need to dig a hole for the tree or request help from the EAC
  • You will need to water your tree 10-15 gallons in the spring and summer when there is no rain. You’ll need to do this for 2 years until the tree is established