Growing Ambler Greener

Growing Greener remains the largest single investment of state funds in Pennsylvania’s history to address Pennsylvania’s critical environmental concerns of the 21st century. The three priorities of this program include:  Conserving Land and Water Resources, Restoring Damaged Waterways and Land, and Creating Prosperous and Sustainable Communities.

We are tasked with finding a solution to the pollution in our waterways. Our 3 creeks, Rose Valley, Tannery Run and Stuart Farm Creeks have 3 pollutants: sedimentation, Phosphorous and Nitrogen. A Growing Greener Plus Grant application is in process and due January 13th. This grant, if approved will provide 5 tools for residents to make a difference in Stormwater management and the pollutants in our creeks. We are asking residents to commit to utilizing one of these five tools:

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