Purple Coneflower at Morris Arboretum

August 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Members in Attendance:  
Stephen Maakestad, Chair of EAC
Susan Johnsson,
Matt Cooley
Charles Charlesworth

Absent Members:
Mary-Margaret Monser
Steph Figary
Susan Curry (Associate)
(One Vacancy)

Associates and Visitors in Attendance:
Chris Raines
Raija Suomelar
Rachel Rosenfeld
Rebecca Glenn Dinwoodie
Jill Sanchez
Lower Gwynedd Green Committee –
Suzanne Smith-Oscilowski
Scott Berman
Mark Schafer
Lisa Brown
Maryanne Grey
Steve Saffier
Next Meeting Date: 
September 16, 2015 at 7:00PM – 131 Rosemary Avenue, Auditorium

Action Items by Person:

· Steve Maakestad – .Work on Tree Vitalize Project. Work with Mary-Margaret to develop short article on environmental resources ordinances for the Hometown News. Inquire with Mary Aversa regarding timeframe for trash can distribution.

  • Susan Johnsson – Contact Montgomery County Recycling Center about tour.
  • Mary-Margaret Monser – Write a paragraph about the rain garden tour for the Hometown News. Organize the Fall Ordinance Campaign.
  • Charles Charlesworth – Coordinate TerraCycle Program to collect specific recyclables at Borough Hall with Sue Garrity of Shady Grove (cereal bags, tape dispensers, pens/markers/mechanical pencils, glue bottles, plastic bottle spray  triggers, cheese wrappers, juice pouches). Provide photo and bio to Chris Raines for EAC website.
  • Chris Raines – Add photos from EAC events and monthly minutes to EAC web site
    Post updates to Facebook page. Send photos to Elizabeth Russell for the Ambler Hometown News. Coordinate the Mesothelioma presentation with the Mesothelioma Foundation, Calvary United Methodist Church and Church of the Brethren for Sept. 19 at 7:00 or 7:30 pm.
  • Rachel Rosenfeld – Work with Raija in contacting Robert Adams and Greg Gagliano to clarify details of the park maintenance proposals.
    Write article about Park Service Days for the Ambler Hometown News.
  • Raija Suomelar – Consider applying for the vacant seat on the EAC.
    Email bio and photo to Chris for EAC web site member page under Associate category.
    Work with Rachel in communicating with park maintenance contractors to clarify proposals.
    Write article about Recycling for Ambler Hometown News

Agenda Topics:

  1. Council/Committee Updates:
  2. Park Survey: The survey was completed. As a result of the survey, dogs are now allowed in Ambler Borough Park but not in the other parks. Matt Cooley will obtain data/statistics from Rebecca Glenn-Dinwoodie and discuss with Frank DeRousi the possibility of allowing dogs in all of the parks.
  3. Ordinances: Charles Charlesworth and Chris Raines attended the planning commission meeting. The commission continues to discuss the environmental resources ordinances. They discussed keeping the wetlands ordinance separate from the other ordinances and changing the slope degree from 15% to 20%. The EAC fall campaign will educate the public about the need for these ordinances.
  4. Proposals for Removal of Invasive Plants in Ambler Borough Park: Two proposals (Red Tail and Bob Adams) were discussed. Clarification was needed about cost, the number of hours, time of year, the method of herbicide application, prioritizing which plants will be tackled, and what plants can be composted. Rachel Rosenfeld took a walk along the creek beyond the park boundaries and noticed a considerable amount of Knotweed along the bank. Removal of this Knotweed will be considered. Raija and Rachel will communicate with the contractors to clarify proposals. They will request two proposals from both contractors. Option 1 will be for a thorough plant removal and Option 2 for an economical solution. The contactors will be asked to suggest appropriate species that can be planted in locations where the invasive weeds are removed. Both contractors should have equal standing.
  5. Teracycling: Charles discussed the Teracycling program.
  6. Next BoRit CAG meeting is Wednesday, October 7th. All are invited to come to Upper Dublin Township Hall at 6:30 pm.
  7. TreeVitalize Grant –. There is a minimum order of 10 trees to participate in the Tree-Vitalize program. Species of trees are on a 1st come, 1st serve basis and cost $25. An inquiry will be placed onto the EAC web site and the Facebook page to determine if there is enough public interest to participate in the program. If enough residents are interested, Steve Maakestad is willing to organize the project, pick up the trees and drop them off.
  8. Mesothelioma presentation: The Mesothelioma lecture / Coffeehouse will be held at Calvary United Methodist Church on Saturday, September 19th, at 6:45PM. The event will be announced on the Facebook Page, EAC web site and via Mail Chimp. Flyers will also be distributed to homes and businesses. Chris is organizing the event.
  9. Rain Gardens Tour: A paragraph about the Rain Garden Tour will be written by Mary-Margaret Monser for the Hometown News. The DEADLINE for the Hometown News is September 1st.
  10. Health of the Wissahickon Movie: There is a chance that the Wissahickon Historical Society may be interested in showing the film. Lindsay broke her arm and will be out of work for some time. When she returns to the Watershed, this opportunity will be pursued.
  11. Recycling:  Rachel presented information about best practices in recycling and provided handouts. Raija would like to know if there is a financial advantage for a municipality to recycle and to recycle correctly. Both the Ambler EAC and Gwynedd Green Committee were interested in touring the Montgomery County Recycling Center. Susan Johnsson will contact the center to schedule a group tour.

Steve Maakestad will find out when the new trash containers will be delivered and whether the EAC should design an instruction label that will outline which items are trash and which are recycling. The label would be placed onto the side of the containers.

  1. EAC storage closet:  Susan Johnsson will talk to Mary Aversa about the possibility of moving the EAC tools to the new EAC storage closet.
  2. Rain Garden: Steve will contact homeowners about installing a rain garden this fall. Suzanne Smith-Olichowski mentioned that she researched water infiltration tests on the Internet and tested her ground herself before installing her rain gardens.
  3. Gwynedd Green Committee: The Gwynedd Green Committee discussed their plans for creating an EAC and asked questions about the Ambler EAC.14. EAC Budget was briefly discussed.
  4. EAC Budget was briefly discussed. Approximately $1,800 is still available. It was noted that approximately $1,000 could be used on the fall rain garden program.
  5. Outreach: Steve Maakestad noted that no booth was set up for the Criterium Bike Race. The EAC will have a booth at Oktoberfest.

Items Postponed Until The Next Meeting:

  • Plant swap project
  • TMDL Phosphorous Update

The meeting was adjourned around 9:30pm.

Next Meeting Date:  September 16, 2015 at 7:00PM – 131 Rosemary Avenue, Auditorium

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