Rachael Rosenfeld, Organizer of Service Days in the Park

July 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes


July 15th, 2015 7:00PM to 9:15PM

Members in Attendance:  
Matt Cooley, Stephanie Figary, Susan Johnsson, Steve Maakestad
(No Quorum)

Absent Members: 
Charles Charlesworth, Mary-Margaret Monser, (one vacancy)

Visitors and Associates in Attendance:
Chris Raines
Lynette Saunders (Upper Moreland EAC)
Raija Suomela
Susan Curry Rachel Rosenfeld

Next Meeting Date: 
Aug. 19th, 2015 at 7:00PM – 131 Rosemary Ave, conference room behind Council chambers entrance.

Action Items by Person:
 Charles Charlesworth – Coordinate TerraCycle Program to collect specific recyclables at Borough Hall with Sue Garrity of Shady Grove (cereal bags, tape dispensers, pens/markers/mechanical pencils, glue bottles, plastic bottle spray  triggers, cheese wrappers, juice pouches).

 Chris Raines – Take photos of the park clean up days;
Coordinate arranging the Mesothelioma presentation with Calvary Church and Church of the Brethren on Sept. 19 at 7:00 or 7:30 pm.

 Rachel Rosenfeld – Conduct July 18 Park invasives removal volunteer event.

 Stephanie Figary – Coordinate with Lindsay Blanton for a Fall showing of the ‘Health of the Wissahickon’ film in Ambler.

 Susan Curry –
o Ask Frank DeRuosi for a copy of the park maintenance contract.
o Ask Mary Aversa/Jim Dougherty for copy of the Growing Greener grant proposal.
o Share her TMDL comment letter with Steph Figary.
o Inquire what storage space might be available at the new Borough Hall for the EAC’s tool inventory and other stuff.

 Susan Johnsson – submit receipts for reimbursement.  Bring EAC budget update to next meeting

 Raija Suomela – Consider applying for the vacant seat on the EAC.

 Steve Maakestad – Coordinate effort to have an educational EAC table at the Criterium race.

Agenda Topics:

1. Council/Committee Updates:

a. The Borough offices will be moving to former Mattison Avenue School in mid-July.

b. Ambler Borough applied for a 2015 Growing Greener Watershed Protection Grant for storm sewer inlet filters.

c. Paving will occur on several streets in Ambler during the late summer.

d. Borough Hall will be auctioned — with a starting bid of $850,000.

2. Next BoRit CAG meeting is August 5th, all are invited to come to Upper Dublin Township Hall at 6:30 pm.

3. Ambler Borough Park Clean-up Days – July 11th and 18th.

Rachel showed a computer presentation including before and after pictures, and passed out the color printed copies of her 4-page “Orientation to Riparian Buffers and Invasive Removal” that she had available for volunteer education.

Rachel submitted receipts of food and beverages.

About 12 volunteers participated. Hold Harmless forms were filled in by Dorothy Beacham, Bill Baker, Jean Bellavance, Chris Raines, Jeanne Sorg, two community service volunteers Holly and Scott, Tom Ramsdell, Steve Maakestad, Nancy Deininger, and Frank DeRuosi.

Volunteers focused on areas that had been ribbon-ed with colored tape. Garlic mustard was also removed.  About 20 garbage bags of plant material were removed on the 11th.

Raija encouraged us to include Japanese Honeysuckle and Oriental Bittersweet in our list of future invasive plants to address (Japanese Knotweed, Norway Maple, Tree of Heaven, and Multi-floral Rose).  Japanese Stiltgrass can also be removed by pulling, mowing or spraying before mid-August when it starts to form seeds. As invasives are removed, opportunities for new invasives are opened up, so maintenance is essential.

Susan Curry is receiving proposals from Bob Adams, Greg Gagliano and Weeds, Inc. to apply a targeted application of an herbicide called Rodeo (glysophate) in the Fall.  Greg G. suggested spraying before late August to manage the stiltgrass. Neighborhood residents will be notified about the application in advance.  Ron Ayres has finished work in removing multi-floral roses.

4. Mesothelioma presentation Chris will coordinate arranging the Mesothelioma presentation with Calvary Church and Church of the Brethren on Sept. 19 at 7:00 or 7:30 pm.

5. Rain Gardens Tour:   Chris gave a brief report. The event went very well: about 40 participants with about 1/3 from the Borough. The team decided to lead another tour again next early summer. Susan C. took the evaluation forms to review for any follow-up needed. One homeowner, Joe Honneycut is paired with Jeff Fehlenberg, Master Watershed Steward to installbone or more rain gardens on his properties maybe in the Fall.

6. Health of the Wissahickon Movie:  Steph will coordinate a showing of the 25-minute movie and a question and answering session with Lindsay Blanton. The goal is to show it to audiences that are not automatically in the know. Korean Churches, Church of the Brethren, plant and service clubs were suggested.

7. Criterium Bike Race:  There was some discussion about trying to bundle the film showing with the Criterium bike race on August 15. Steve agreed to have an EAC information table near the registration table for the Criterium to interact with and educate family members of bike racers (pamphlets, water conservation display, remaining compost bin.) Criterium starts at 7:30 am.

8. Recycling:  The Borough has wisely decided to have Public Works set out the blue toters for large events and collect from them. There may be no need for the ClearStream stands. David Morgan can contemplate a use for them.  Raija mentioned the value of having a sheet of paper that educates residents about what can and what should not be in the recycling toters.  This could be a sheet or a sticker that could be affixed to the blue toters, but delivered with the grey trash toters.  Abington EAC has a good education list on their website.

9. Items Postponed Until The Next Meeting:

Fall Mini-Campaign,
TerraCycling Recycling Collection Plan
Plant Swap Event
Downtown Tree Advocacy
HomeTown News articles

 The meeting was adjourned around 9:15pm.

Next Meeting Date:  August 19, 2015 at 7:00PM – New Borough Hall (Mattison Avenue)