June 2015 EAC Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2015-Meeting Minutes

June 17th, 2015 7:00PM to 8:30PM

EAC Meeting Minutes June 2015 in PDF Format

Members in Attendance:

Peter Amento
Dottie Beachum
Charles Charlesworth
Susan Curry
Stephanie Figary
Susan Johnsson
Mary-Margaret Monser
David Morgan
Chris Raines
Raija Suomela

Next Meeting Date: Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 at 7:00PM – Borough Hall Conference Room

Action Items by Person:

  • David Morgan – Place Clear Stream recycling containers at public events.
  • Mary-Margaret –
    • Place Clear Stream recycling containers at events when David is out of town.
    • Discuss Clear Stream Container’s with Mary Aversa.
  • Charles Charlesworth – Coordinate TeraCycle Program
  • Chris Raines – Print flyers, post on social media, update web site
  • Rachel Rosenfeld –
    • Use Volunteer Match to obtain volunteers for Park Clean-up.
    • Create the Park Clean-up handout.
    • Shop for work gloves, food and beverages
  • Lindsay Blanton – Give talk to volunteers at Park Clean-up on July 11th.
  • Stephanie Figary –
    • Give talk at Park Clean-up on July 18th.
    • Get donations for Park Clean-up Day.
  • Susan Curry –
    • Ask Frank DeRousi for a copy of the park maintenance contract.
    • Contact Sharon McCormick about Park Service Day.
    • Give River Keepers Brochures to Dottie Beachum for GA camp
    • Send comments to the EPA about proposed TMDL
  • Susan Johnsson – Clean out the EAC supply closet in the borough building

Agenda Topics:

  1. Recycling Collection Proposal: Shady Grove Elementary School has a TeraCycle Program. Tape dispensers, pens, markers, glue bottles, squeeze bottle triggers, juice pouches are collected. Only items outside the scope of single stream are collected. The Church of the Brethren has a container located in the church lobby. Sue Garrity will coordinate a drop-off at Ambler Borough Hall with the help of Charles Charlesworth. This project will not begin until the borough offices have completed the move to the old Mattison Avenue School. A flyer announcing the collection program will be designed and delivered with the new trash containers.
  2. Five Clear Stream Recycling Containers will be placed at Ambler public events and festivals, and possibly First Fridays. The Clear Stream Containers will be stored in Susan Johnsson’s garage. Mary Margaret will contact Mary Aversa to ask if borough crew will pick up the recycling containers at the end of events.
  3. Council/Committee Updates:
    1. The borough will be moving to Mattison Avenue School in mid-July
    2. Ambler Borough will apply for a 2015 Growing Greener Watershed Protection Grant that is offered through the DEP.
    3. Paving will occur on several streets in Ambler during the late summer.
    4. Borough Hall will be auctioned
    5. The Parking Ordinance is being reviewed
    6. The wetlands ordinance will be reviewed at the next planning commission meeting on June 23rd at 7PM.
    7. A special meeting was held Tuesday, June 23rd, to choose a council person to fill the vacancy. The Vacancy Board Chairman broke the tie and Karen Polesir was appointed.
  4. Borough Park Survey: 300 surveys were completed. The majority of respondents prefer the park to remain natural.
  5. Ambler Borough Park Clean-up Days – July 11th and 18th. Susan Curry will ask Frank DeRousi for a copy of the park maintenance contract to learn specific responsibilities of the maintenance crew. Hiring Bob Adams as a consultant may be considered for seasonal cleanup of invasive plants. Raija stated that maintenance contracts are typically limited to mowing of grass and removal of downed trees. She said that higher level tasks are not included. She stated that it would take less than 40 hours to remove invasive plants from the park.

A targeted application of a herbicide called Rodeo in the fall is needed to adequately remove Japanese Knotweed. Contacting neighborhood residents to let them know about the application in advance was suggested.
Greg Gagliono of Red Tail Restoration Management was suggested as a source for invasive cleanup.
Susan Curry mentioned that the website weeds.inc provided in depth information about removal of invasives.

Park Clean-up flyers have been completed and were distributed. More flyers will be printed.

Rachel Rosenfeld is using Volunteer Match to find volunteers for the Park Clean-up.

The Park Clean-up was posted on Ambler 19002, the Ambler EAC Facebook Page, the EAC website, other Ambler Facebook groups and the Wissahickon Watershed Facebook Page.

Plan for the Clean-up Day: Volunteers will be provided with a handout describing the purpose of a riparian buffer and why invasive plants need to be removed. A short talk will be given to volunteers at the beginning of each workday (July 11th – Lindsay Blanton, July 18th – Stephanie Figary). Wetland ordinances and (Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) will be included in the talk. After the talk, volunteers will get a quick tour of the park, before beginning their work.

Rachel mentioned that she would like all volunteers to arrive at 9am, so that they are present for the talk.

Specific plants that should be removed by volunteers was discussed. Japanese Knotweed, honeysuckle vines and garlic mustard will be considered. Plants to be removed will be tagged or painted prior to July 11th. Rachel and Raija will meet a Ambler borough park to decide which plants will be included in the clean-up.

Rachel will email volunteers with information about the workday. They will be asked to wear long pants. Work gloves, tools and bags will be provided by the EAC.

Stephanie will look into getting donations. Rachel will purchase contractor grade trash bags and work gloves will be purchased from Decks Hardware and pick up food and beverages. Seeking donations from Whole Foods was suggested.

Susan Curry will call Sharon McCormick to ask if volunteers could use their bathroom during Park Clean-up.

  1. Science Camp Supplies: Dottie Beachum will be teaching a unit on ecology during science camp at Germantown Academy. She would like some brochures to distribute to campers. Susan Curry will check her supply brochures to determine if there are enough for the camp program.
  2. A Healthy Wissahickon Movie: The EAC will coordinate a showing of the movie with Lindsay Blanton.
  3. EAC Supply Closet: Susan Johnsson will clean out the EAC supply closet in the borough building.
  4. Public Hearing: EPA Proposes Total Phosphorus (TMDL) for the Wissahickon Creek Watershed The June 10th public meeting was summarized. The public comment period is open until July 4th. A request for extension of the comment period deadline was made by several people who attended the meeting. The EPA has not responded to this request. The comment period may be extended. Susan Curry will send comments.
  5. Items Postponed Until The Next Meeting: Plant Swap, Downtown Tree Advocacy, Fall Mini-Campaign.
  6. The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

Next Meeting Date: Wednesday, July 15h, 2015 at 7:00PM – Borough Hall Conference Room