2012-12-13 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Date: Monday, Dec. 13, 2010 6:45 to 8:30 PM

Member Attendance:
Susan Curry, Susan Johnsson, David Morgan, Dan McCormick

Visitor Attendance:

Members Absent:
Candace Kanaplue (new baby), Skip Kershner, Sigi Koko

Next Meeting Date: Monday, January 10, 2010 6:45 to 8:30 PM

1. Home Town News: Committee celebrated David Morgan’s efforts that resulted in the November 2010 issue with Environmental Corner page and other important information on the new recycling. It was noted that a longer article on the asbestos site was shortened to make room for a recycling contest.
2. 2010 and 2011 Budgets: Bernie Wojciechowski indicated that there was a remainder of unspent 2010 EAC of $202.55 Committee agreed to pay $40 dues to WVWA, and $80 donation to PEC. Council is likely to approve a 2011 budget of $1,200. Draft proposal for our revised 2011 budget will be offered in January: $140 in membership fees; $40 for conference registration fees; $225 for the Rain Garden event in March; $200 for combined Recycling and Bike Racks; $30 for travel; and $565 for trees for Downtown.
ACTION ITEM: SusanC will draw up new draft for review and approval in January. And invoice the Borough for $40 for WVWA, and $80 for PEC memberships for 2010.

3. Electrical Deregulation in 2011 – Project to save Borough money by turning off unnecessary street lights.
• The Police Department was given the map last week and will need time to review the suggested turn-offs before the plan goes to Council

4. Plastic Bag Free Ambler — We have approximately 30 canvas bags left to sell and another 25 free misprinted bags. The WWF Aug/Sept. Newsletter reported that CVS was donating money for people who bought a “Green Tag” and then declined a plastic bag when they shopped – offer runs from now until March 2011.
ACTION ITEM: Susan to inquire with Ambler CVS manager to see if they are participating. If they are, Susan will offer to get an Ambler Gazette article about it to draw more participation, and find out if the store will display something at the entrance.
5. 2011 Recycling –Council will select the next Trash Hauler at Council’s Dec. 16 meeting. The Borough purchased 2,300 64 gallon rollers for single stream curbside recycling collection. The new hauler is supposed to mail information about the collection which will start January 1, 2011. Containers are to be delivered after New Year.
6. EAC WEBSITE — SusanC noted that the last set of minutes posted at Ambler EAC.org were in 2009. We need to bring the website up to date.
ACTION ITEMS: David will see if his son Tim can do some work for us between Christmas and January 15. David will contact Sigi to get the codes and passwords needed to access the site for changes. SusanC will make a list of changes and write up the Accomplishments for 2010. Dan McCormick will send SusanC and Sigi a photo and short bio.
7. Rose Valley Creek Riparian Buffer –It is not yet resolved whether Merck will cooperate with allowing a replacement site to be restored. EPA and DEP would support the replacement site as more important. A Rain Garden will be installed in April or May. Upper Dublin is really the source of the raging streams in Ambler. Perhaps Ambler EAC should reach out to Upper Dublin EPAB members to come witness the flooding when it happens next.
ACTION ITEMS: SusanC will check with EPA and Jim Dougherty to see where we stand with the Merck appeal. Susan C will get a list of Upper Dublin EPAB members and pair up our inviting them to come see the problem.
8. Bird Town USA — Estelle went to an Audubon workshop on this new community program.
ACTION ITEM: Susan J will confer with Estelle after reading the Audubon flyer to prepare a presentation to EAC in January
9. WREN Grant — Ambler EAC has obtained a $5,000 grant in the past, and they are fairly easy to get. Susan C. proposed that we focus on the 25-37 homes that all feed into the stormsewer outlet where an ever-increasingly wide ravine is occurring at the end of Edgewood Drive. EAC members would all need to be involved in talking to homeowners. Goal would be to have each home implement one BMP for homeowner on-property stormwater management, and for us to document the change in flow. Likely BMPs we would suggest: rain barrels, rain gardens. These may also count toward the TMDL/sedimentation credits coming down on municipalities of the Wissahickon watershed. Dan asked if the Borough could offer tax incentives to homeowners who implement these credit BMPs.
ACTION ITEMS: SusanC will watch for the announcement of the WREN grant; collect the target home addresses based on the stormsewer map and land contours, and research sources of rain barrels and rain garden supplies and volunteers. Susan C will meet with Mary Aversa to inquire about Borough tax incentives for homeowner implementation of BMPs that decrease sediments.
10. Council Meeting Observations – Susan J circulated her report on items from the Nov. 16 meeting.

ACTION ITEM: David will observe Dec. 21 — Jan. 3, Estelle — Susan J, Jan. 4. — Jan. 18 unassigned

11. ORDINANCE — Four EAC members sent SusanC comments on the proposed Woodlands Ordinance.
ACTION ITEM: SusanC will combine the comments, and share them with Clean Water Action for potential revision; with intention to get EAC alignment in January. David recalled being concerned about undisclosed costs to homeowners in order to comply, and that the technical language seemed like it could be daunting for homeowners.
Meeting was adjourned.