2011-03-14 Ambler Environemental EAC Minutes

Date: Monday, March 14, 2011 6:45 to 8:30 PM

Member Attendance:
Susan Curry, Dan McCormick, Candace Kanaplue, Estelle Wynn Dolan, David Morgan, Susan Johnsson.
Quorum in attendance

Members Absent:
Skip Kershner.

Next Meeting Date: Monday, April 11, 2011 6:45 to 8:30 PM

1. PEC Annual EAC Conference – Occurring at Villanova University on April 9. Estelle and Dan will attend. The email with the program was circulated earlier
ACTION ITEM: Susan will check with Candace if going, then invoice the Boro for the registration fee.

2. Sustainability Movie Series – Both Susan’s sold more of our canvas bags at the movie on lawn chemicals March 8. The next movie is on April 12 on plastic bags. Susan Curry and Estelle will be there to staff our EAC table.
3. Commercial Waste and Recycling – Allied Waste, our new residential curbside hauler, has approached the EAC for support in reaching out to Ambler businesses to build a bundled, less costly contract with one hauler. This will reduce truck traffic and wear and tear on our roads..
4. Steep Slope Properties – A forested steep slope property between Valley Brook and Edgewood Drive has been approved by Ambler Planning Commission for subdivision into three buildable lots. Whoever develops the properties will need to show plans for no erosion or sedimentation to Rose Valley Creek. Neighbors are trying to oppose the building by buying the lots.
5. Woodland Ordinance Upgrade – Estelle acquired ordinances from three other municipalities, looking for one that is simpler than the one we had from Clean Water Action. She had not had time to merge them into one for us to review.
6. WREN Grant for Rain Barrels – After Susan wrote the $5,000 proposal, she decided not to submit it. Partners are a requirement. WVWA is doing their own proposal. Susan didn’t want to make the calls to create the partnerships. Susan J and Candace seemed interested in submitting it for next year. Dan can get blue barrels from SEPTA (bus washing detergent). Estelle shared information about the hardware needed to convert a barrel into a rain barrel for a workshop at WVWA (Skip also attended it).
ACTION ITEM: Susan C to send Susan J the draft proposal for next year.

7. Rain Garden at Borough Park – April 29, 30, May 1 are set for an Ambler Community Volunteer Weekend. Work in Borough Park will include stream clean-up, removing vegetative debris, erecting deer fencing around another 200 trees, and building and planting a rain garden below Well Pump House #4.
ACTION ITEM: Susan will send the flyer on the event.

8. Wissahickon Stream Clean-Up – April 30, the Ambler EAC will lead a clean-up of the three tributaries to the Wissahickon that flow through Ambler. Volunteers will meet at the Trax Café parking lot at 9:00 AM and complete by 11:00 AM after which there is a free picnic.
• Susan J will lead the day of the event.

ACTION ITEMS: Susan J will pick up bags from WVWA; Candace will revive folders from the last two years and post to the Ambler Savings Bank marquis; Estelle will support designing the flyer.

9. Home Town News—David circulated the latest draft to be mailed by April 1. Suggestions were received. We thanked David for this dedicated service to the Borough.
10. Council Meetings Observations – Estelle gave a brief report on the one she went to.
• Dan will attend March 15
• David: April 5
• Susan C: April 19
• Susan J: from May on till next tax season

ACTION ITEM: Whoever attends is asked to send a paragraph or bullet points about issues of interest to the EAC members within 36 hours of the meeting they attended.

11. EAC Website – Sigi dropped off a CD with the website templates and content files. Daniel Brouse can work on quick changes without them.
ACTION ITEM: Susan C will mail Daniel the CD, and begin to offer changes to one page per week.

12. Permanent Street Recycling Containers: – David discovered the street recycling container that the EAC purchased at the end of 2010 by Rita’s Water Ice. We prefer it to be closer to the Newstand and Candida’s believing there will be more cans and bottles to deposit.
ACTION ITEM: Dan McCormick is a regular at Candida’s, and will ask them if they are OK with relocating the container outside their two stores. If they are OK, Susan C will ask Public Works to move it.

13. Marcellus Shale Drilling: – The situation where Hatfield was accepting waste water from Marcellus Shale drilling. The fracking wastewater had been treated but not
purified, and was dumped into Neshaminy Creek. Susan C plans to read more of the emails that are coming around about the greater threat from fracking to our own drinking water.
Meeting adjourned by 8:30 PM