2010-09-13 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Date: Monday, Sept. 13, 2010 6:45 to 8:30 PM

Member Attendance:
Susan Curry, Susan Johnsson, Candace Kanaplue, Sigi Koko, Dan McCormick, David Morgan
Quorum in attendance

Visitor Attendance:
Estelle Wynn Dolan

Member Absent:
Skip Kershner

Next Meeting Date: Monday, October 11, 2010 6:45 to 8:30 PM

1. Electrical Deregulation in 2011 – Project to save Borough money by turning off unnecessary street lights.
• Karen Salvadore is putting our section maps together to indicate on a master map which lights we suggest be turned off. Two areas need more attention—Dan McCormick’s and Skip’s. The Fire Department and Police Department will need time to review the suggested turn-offs before the plan goes to Council
ACTION ITEM: Estelle can redo Skip’s area. Dan and Estelle agreed to be in touch with Karen to finish these two areas. SusanC and Karen will present the map and suggested process to Mary Aversa as soon as it is ready.

2. Ordinances –The Wetlands Ordinance from Clean Water is the only one being considered. Concerns: Does the ordinance constitute a “regulatory takings”? Whose properties would be affected? How do they feel about this ordinance? Who is to say that someone is a “wetlands expert”? Next Planning Commission meeting is Tuesday Sept. 28 at 7:00 pm. Property owners will be notified to come voice their point of view on the ordinance.
ACTION ITEM: EAC invited to come. Dan McCormick and Susan Curry will be there. Susan intends to promote the Woodland Protection ordinance next in that it does not evoke any of these concerns.
3. EAC Budgets – Reviewed the 2010 EAC budget and noted that with additional revenue from Kiwanis, TreeVitalize and sale of canvas bags, after donating $655 to purchase 4 trees, the EAC still has 821.50 unspent funds. EAC agreed to purchase one permanent street recycling container with #RC Recycled Lid for Butler Ave at $720. Next, a draft budget for 2011 was reviewed and approved for submission to the Borough Finance Committee. EAC will budget for a second recycling container and bike racks in the 2011 budget (see attached).
ACTION ITEMS: SusanC will invoice Borough for the $40 WVWA membership. SusanC tell Mary Aversa that the EAC is offering to purchase one permanent street recycling container to match the Dumor style already on Butler Ave through the CoStars program. Dan McCormick will drive to Newtown Square to pick it up to save $150 shipping charges. Susan C will submit the 2011 EAC Budget Request to the Council Finance Committee. Sigi will map proposed locations on Butler and Main streets for recycling containers; the map will show existing trash cans, existing trees, existing bollards, and proposed bike rack locations. Dan McCormick will initiate SEPT placing their recycling containers at the Ambler station and all along the “Lansdale line” (formerly R5).
4. Rose Valley Creek Riparian Buffer – Merck clarified that we may not substitute an approved milestone for a new one. We’ll either have to figure a way to re-grade the 30’ stream bank in Boro Park, or not receive the remaining funds. It is unclear what formula to use to determine what portion of the entire budget should have gone to this part of the project. EAC supported the idea of purchasing a “Trash Pump” and rolling stand to enable continued watering of trees on the island at approx $700 hopefully with Merck funding. EAC members discussed concerns with the herbicide spraying being so close to the well and water tank with chlorinated water.
ACTION ITEM: Susan C. to work with Nancy Minich and Mary Aversa to decide if the original regrading can still be done or not; and seek approval of purchase of the pump through CoStars.

5. Website – www.AmblerEAC.org — Elizabeth Russell (Mary Aversa’s assistant) accessed our site in justifying Borough recycling education for our 904 performance grant.
ACTION ITEM: Sigi Koko will resend requests to EAC members to write up accomplishments they were involved in, and circulate a “to do” list in order for the website to be completely up-and-running.
6. Plastic Bag Free Ambler We have approximately 30 bags left to sell.
ACTION ITEMS: David will inquire whether the newly opened Ambler Library will sell bags. Sigi will check with Twisters.
7. Oktoberfest, Oct. 2 — No EAC member present was available to staff a table. There are no EAC vacancies to try to recruit for.
ACTION ITEM: Take no action.
8. Downtown Trees — The EAC budget funded the purchase of 4 trees that are waiting until October freeze to be planted along Butler Ave in 3 empty pits and one pit on Race Street. Ron Ayres will go with the Public Highway Dept to pick up and plant the trees. Pits need to be widened further, ground wood removed, new top soil added and mulch laid properly at time of planting.
ACTION ITEMS: Susan will work with Estelle on moving the Downtown Tree Management Policy forward. Susan will stay in touch with Mary Aversa about pit widening, and with Ron Ayres about tree planting.
9. Take Back Drugs Day – Sept. 25 No action.
10. Council Meetings — EAC members will observe and comment where appropriate, then report at the following EAC meeting. Note: Candace’s second baby is due close to Thanksgiving.
ACTION ITEMS: Observation commitments: Sept. 21 (Susan C); October 5 (Dan); October 19 (Estelle); Nov. 2 (Skip?); Nov. 16 (Susan J); Dec. 7 (Sigi); Dec. 21 (Dan).
11. Projects on hold – The Borough is looking into RecycleBank again. Upper Dublin doubled their 904 Performance award from the state of Pennsylvania after starting RecycleBank.
ACTION ITEMS: Sigi and Susan C will seek a meeting with Mary Aversa to present organized information on two other initiatives: Green Building Incentives, and Cool Roofs of Ambler. Dan will request SEPTA newspaper recycling containers at the train station.