2010-06-14 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Date: Monday, June 14, 2010 6:45 to 8:00 PM

Member Attendance:
David Morgan, Skip Kershner, Susan Curry, Dan McCormick
Quorum in attendance

Visitor Attendance:
Estelle Wynn Dolan (new Amblerite and new mother, formerly of Brandywine Conservancy), Jennifer Edel, Villanova Nursing Student gathering health concerns around Ambler for a college study

Members Absent:
Sigi Koko, Candace Kanaplue, Susan Johnsson

Next Meeting Date: Monday, July 12, 2010 6:45 to 8:30 PM

1. AMBLER EAC.org – website next steps (postponed)

2. PLASTIC BAG FREE AMBLER – Susan Johnsson sold a dozen or so more bags at recent events. About 30 remaining. No businesses selling them. Whole Foods North Wales has proposed to sell them at the store – would order 100 and see how they sell. Susan C offered to remove the Ambler border to make them appealing to a wider public. No word yet.

3. BIKE ROUTES AND RACKS – Skip had no further requests. David spoke to Decks and Denney; Dan still intending to speak to Ralph’s; Susan C had not contacted CVS.

4. BOROUGH PARK – Dan McCormick is leading convening the Friends of the Borough Park. Initial project to design the tree watering system covers about 70% of the 800 trees.
ACTION ITEM: Dan will count how many trees are left out and figure a way to get them watered.
ACTION ITEM: Karen will ask husband Andrew if his cubscout troop could do one water brigade this summer as one of their meetings.
5. ELECTRICAL DEREGULATION in 2010 – Karen Salvadore spoke with Mary Aversa and was encouraged to hand in a proposal specifying which lights we recommend could be left off. She would have the Police Dept review. Then pass by Council. Saving money is desirable.
• There are 500 lights in Ambler that cause a $70,000 electricity bill at today’s rates.
• There are several different types of lights; the annual cost of each light ranges from $110.88 to $878.19 at 2009 rates.
• We have a list of each light with a descriptor of where it is located
ACTION ITEM: Karen will generate an inquiry for Susan C to post on the EACnetwork to see what other Boroughs/townships are doing to prepare for deregulation, and ask if any municipalities are considering or have started reducing the number of street lights. We’ll need to be able to address likely questions that Council will ask.
ACTION ITEM: SusanC will copy the list of street light locations (approximately 50 streets) and prepare a map with approximately the same number of lights in 7 areas. Karen will visit each EAC member to have them claim an area to walk at night and make some recommendations about which lights could be eliminated. Our target timeline is to complete the walking survey before the second week in July; then discuss and resolve at our July EAC meeting what recommendations to submit for the August Committee meeting.

5. AMBLER COMPOSTING – A local entrepreneur, Lee Meinicke, of PhillyCompost.com, is willing to haul food waste and florist waste from Ambler stores to Two Particular Acres in Bucks County.
• The EAC may need to help talk to the 30 food businesses and florists.
• Lee is working on the pricing which would be more attractive if more stores bundled together.
• Lee would provide the compost containers for a deposit.