2010-03-11 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler EAC MEETING Minutes – March 11, 2010, 6:45 pm Boro Hall

Attending: Susan Curry, Susan Johnsson, David Morgan, Candace Kanaplue, Skip Kershner
Excused absence: Sigi Koko
Quorum was present
Associate: Daniel Brouse
Visitor: Dan McCormick

Welcome Dan McCormick – interested applicant for EAC vacancy

1. EAC web site–www.AmblerEAC.org – No Feb. Actions were completed.
ACTION: David to send Sigi photo by March 19 or SusanC will take photo
ACTION: Skip to send photo and bio by March 19.
ACTION: SusanC to send amended August minutes to Sigi to send on to Daniel after formatting
ACTION: Sigi to post to the web the Who We Are, & Accomplishments page; and send the Current Projects page to EAC members with a request that we each write a paragraph about our own projects

2. Ambler Green Pledge — Request P&R and Council adopt the Green Pledge.
ACTION: SusanC to send the Green Pledge to Mary Aversa by March 19 with request that P & R Committee recommend adoption of the pledge as a policy statement by the Council

3. Plastic Bag Free Ambler– We discussed ideas to move the bags into people’s hands.
ACTION: SusanC: share the list of AMS events with EAC members. (Published in Home Town News)
ACTION: Dan: ask if bags could be sold at events with the Gwynedd Choir
ACTION: SusanC: check with Monica Weninger at Wissahickon MS to sell bags at Science Fair Mar. 24
ACTION: David will contact Denney and Deck’s and Newstand about selling bags. Candace will follow up with Laneys and Twisters.

4. Bike routes and racks– P&R requested EAC check with business owners on position of four racks. If the four we have chosen do not approve a rack to be outside their store, then we will go to the next store on the list of 18 potential sites.
ACTION: SusanC: check with CVS; also provide picture of circular rack to David to show.
ACTION: David: check with Denney and Tyler at Decks’ and report to SusanC
ACTION: Sigi: Check with Twisters, and report to SusanC

5. Borough Park Riparian Buffer Project –Nancy Minich will present the landscape design to Council on Mar. 16. SusanC was not able to complete WREN grant for Rain Barrel workshop this year. Tool needs were outlined.
ACTION: Candace will contact/research workshops for rain barrels, and which barrels we would buy if we had a grant.

6. Vacant EAC seat – Candace reported the landscaper on Forest Ave could not make this meeting and would let us know if he is interested. Dan McCormick is interested. We told him how to apply.
ACTION: Dan: submit his resume and email message highlight his relevant background, what he could bring and why he wants to serve on EAC to Tony and Mary.

7. Council meetings- EAC members agreed to attend, observe, report back:

Mar. 2 –Susan J
Mar. 16 – Susan J
Apr. 6 — Sigi
April 20 — Susan J
May 4— Skip
May 18 – Dan

8. Composting for Ambler – Ed Mullock’s multiple proposals to be refined by next EAC meeting.
No Action

9. Permanent street and park recycling containers – SusanC assisted Elizabeth Russell in submitting a competitive application to Coke Cola for 5 containers for Butler and Main, 3 for Knight Park and 2 for Pickering Fields. If we get the award, the EAC will be responsible for conducting a poster contest with the schools about recycling cans and bottles, and also notify Public Works if we see a container overflowing.

• Joe Bresnan’s response has not been shared with us yet
• Green Map progress – no report
• Green Committee of AMS – Dan said we want the Borough Council to adopt the Green Pledge. We are also working to outline a list of practices with points assigned so that businesses can self-rate. At some threshold, we declare them “green”; the green business with the most points will get an award at an annual ceremony. All green businesses will be promoted on several web sites.
• Congratulations to David Morgan for an excellent job on the up-coming Home Town News

• Homeowner stormwater management
• Ordinances – Floodplains—Parks& Rec
• Green Building incentives –Sigi –on hold
• Downtown Tree Management Policy
• Jt. EACs of Wissahickon – Susan C is working with Upper Dublin to adopt the same ordinances as are being proposed to Ambler
• Green roofs of Ambler – Sigi + SC- email Whitpain proposal

NEXT MEETING: Newly rescheduled for the SECOND MONDAY every month. April 12 – next mtg.

Post meeting Notes: Two other candidates have asked to apply for the vacancy: Karen Salvadore (Andrew’s wife), and Hillary Beasley. Susan C will forward their inquiries to the whole group.

Pledge To Be a Green Borough

Our borough knows that our day-to-day decisions have an impact on the environment. Also, our environmental decisions have an impact on the prosperity of our businesses and the well-being of our residents, employees and visitors. Therefore, we will make every attempt to be a “greener” prosperous borough.

We pledge to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by taking appropriate actions in five areas to go greener:

• Save Energy
• Protect Water
• Clean Air
• Preserve Land
• Recycle & Reuse

Signed: _____________________________________________________

Council President: _____________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________