2010-02-11 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

MINUTES of Ambler EAC MEETING – February 11, 2010, 6:45 pm Boro Hall

EAC members present: Candace Kanaplue, Sigi Koko, Susan Curry, Skip Kershner
Excused absence: Susan Johnson. Unexcused absence? David Morgan
Associate: Daniel Brouse
Quorum was present

1. EAC web site pages –www.AmblerEAC.org
ACTION: David to send his own photo?
ACTION: Skip to send bio and photo?
ACTION: We can send Daniel event notices and he will post them on appropriate feeds.
ACTION: Sigi will post the Accomplishments page; and send the Current Projects page to EAC members with a request that we each write a paragraph about our own projects.
ACTION: Candace will email the ordinance link to Sigi to put on the site

2. Spearhead Topics — Susan would like each member to choose a topic to be its champion.
ACTION: Daniel – business recycling, land use/development
ACTION: Susan J.– drinking water/clean water
ACTION: Sigi – green initiatives, website
ACTION: Candace – composting, environmental planning, EAC network emails
ACTION: Susan C. – storm water and trees
ACTION: Skip – green map
ACTION: Susan C. will send out an email listing of other topics

3. Green Map
DECISION: First put the map on our website. Once it is more finalized we may print the maps.
ACTION: Skip will call WVWA to find out who their printer is and then find out how much it will cost to print maps.

4. EAC Budget 2010: -Susan provided a revised budget for the Council approved amount of $1,200. Additional income will be donated by Ambler Kiwanis ($300), and come from canvas bags sales. Line item 7 of the budget will be put towards the bike racks.
ACTION: Susan C will review the websites that Sigi sent on bike racks and prepare a bike initiative for the P&R committee.

5. City-wide composting – Susan C. has been contacted by Edward Mullock [ed.mullock@gmail.com] who wants to start something in Ambler for public and businesses. Sigi reviewed her handout.
ACTION: Susan C. will see if there is a way to collaborate with schools for their property being a composting site.
ACTION: Sigi will re-send her handout
ACTION: Candace will look into Penn State workshops and PRC workshops for residential composting; SusanC will send her past contacts. .
ACTION: Susan C. will check with Mary Aversa when monthly yard waste begins and see what partnership with Upper Dublin is possible. She will also find out where Mascaro dumps yard waste.

6. Green building incentives –
ACTION: Sigi will give her write-up to Ron Meyers and discuss with him.

7. Green roofs – We need to identify green roof potential buildings and owners along Main Street/Butler businesses.
ACTION: Sigi will talk to Mary and Ron Meyers to see what flat-roofed buildings there are and especially list buildings that may be due for a new roof, what re-roof permits are pending?
ACTION: Sigi will work on a pamphlet for business owners and contact Temple Ambler.

• Reusable Bags sales: Candace dropped off order forms and talked to people at Laney’s, Decks, and Twisters. She will make follow-up calls and ask David if she should go to the Newsstand and Denny as well.
• Ordinances: Susan C. reported that the wetlands ordinance is moving to Planning Commission, and the floodplain ordinance has been revised and will be on the next Parks and Rec. agenda. Upper Dublin is working on their own ordinance upgrades. Only one agenda item per Parks and Rec. meeting is permitted.
• Borough Park: Skip will help Susan C. with the Borough Park focus group meeting Feb 20th.
• Recycling Containers: A proposal will be submitted by the Borough to acquire permanent street and park recycling containers.
• Susan C. Needs to write a WREN grant (due March 26) for the rain barrel workshops. Susan J. will help with organizing in the spring.

• Support of PV leasing program or promoting education on current PVcosts.
• Homeowner stormwater management
• Downtown Tree Management Policy
• Jt. EACs of Wissahickon – Susan C is working with Upper Dublin to adopt the same ordinances as are being proposed to Ambler
• Bare Root Trees waterers
• Green Committee – business recycling more, make sure Borough Council adopts the green pledge.

NEXT MEETING: Tentatively scheduled for March 11.
Sigi will not be able to send the agenda around since she will be on vacation.