2009-11-09 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council
Notes of Monday, November 9th 2009 6:45 to 8:45 pm—

Attendance: Members: Sigi Koko Absent: Susan Johnsson
Skip Kershner
Susan Curry
Candace Kanaplue
David Morgan
Visitors: (none)

Next Meeting: December 10 — Thursday
(back to 2nd Thursdays, 6:45-8:30 PM)

1. Web Page
We’ll keep the leaf icon for now and title bar, and keep the EAC network mission statement. We’ll personalize our unique focuses on the accomplishments and current projects pages. Members will be listed with bio and photo. Associates will be listed without bio and photo. We agreed to eliminate a calendar. We’ll use info@AmblerEAC.org as contact.
• ACTION: Sigi will work with Daniel to make agreed upon changes on Website to get more of the sidebar pages running.
• ACTION: Each EAC member will submit a 2-4 sentence bio and photo. If we are managing a particular focus area, we will include it in our bio.
• ACTION: Sigi will send sample pages to us showing where we each will need to write a paragraph about the current projects we are personally managing.
• ACTION: Use a right side bar to list ways people can participate, advertise for our vacancy and need for a secretary. Send any events to Sigi for listing.

2. Plastic Bag Free Ambler
• ACTION: Susan C will simplify the business questionnaire and include the purpose to get a baseline of information for the Council. We will visit businesses to inquire about their use of plastic bags, reducing their use, and selling our reusable bags.
• ACTION: Sigi will take the order form to Decks and see how many they want to sell.
• ACTION: Next meeting we will divide the stores to visit.
• ACTION: All will use new order form to order Christmas presents. All bag finances run through the Borough from now on. Checks payable to Borough of Ambler.

3. Green Map
Skip asked for what information we want to have on the back of the map. We named parks, bike racks and preferred routes, BoRit, fire and police stations, WVWA, Ambler EAC, Ambler Tree Tenders, Community Cupboard (reuses things). We plan to print a 11” x 17” sized map that shows connections to neighboring trails and bike routes. Two colors: Black and green on white paper. Deadline: ready for handout at Spring events.
• ACTION: Skip to gather paragraphs about each feature we suggested.
• ACTION: David to share the information about who prints the Home Town News.
• ACTION: Sigi will contact local bike clubs about their frequent routes

4. Letters
• ACTION: Candace will clarify if the RiverKeepers and Clean Water letters are the same request, what the deadline is and will write a letter for approval to send.
• ACTION: Candace will compose a response to Joe Bresnan’s memo regarding the legality of EAC advising Planning Commission

5. Ordinances
A floodplains upgrade and four other new natural resources protection ordinances were submitted by Clean Water Fund to Mary Aversa. The Parks and Recreation Committee will bring these to the Council after they review the current ordinance language compared with the proposed new ordinance language.
• ACTION: Susan C. will draw up a side by side comparison of the current and new ordinance and aim to present the comparison to each member on the Park & Rec Committee. When the three of them have asked all their questions, they will be in a position to propose to the Council to send the ordinance to Borough Planning Commission.

6. Bike routes and racks
Sigi scouted Butler Ave and found spots on every other block and both sides of the street for a single bike rack for 2.
• ACTION: Sigi will print an aerial of Butler Ave and North/South Main Street and plot the potential bike rack spots. Sigi will also scout the parks, and Post office for potential rack location.

7. Vacant EAC seat; election of new EAC chair
Susan encouraged all EAC members to actively invite people we meet at parties and other social functions that we find live within the Borough limits.
• ACTION: Sigi will accept the task of convening the December meeting.


8. Borough Park – Removing Invasives
October 31 8:00-1:00 rain date was rainy. 40 volunteers helped remove about one-third of the invasive plants, including Candace, David, Susan J and her husband, Skip and his wife, the Mayor Bud Wahl and Councilman Tom Kenney. Note: The Highway department was very supportive with transporting and locking up wheel barrows and tools.
• ACTION: We are thinking of hiring youth at $10/hour to clean up between now and March. Possibly meet any Saturday at 9:00 pending weather.
• ACTION: SAVE THE DATE — scheduled April 10, 2010 9:00 to 3:00
• ACTION: Susan C. will contact Highway Dept. about collecting piles of debris after occasional clean ups; and about storing tools and wheel barrows in the well #4 gated area.

9. Jt. EACs of the Wissahickon
Mary Aversa addressed a small but energetic group at the WVWA. Ordinance changing is going very sluggishly in all our municipalities. Next meeting may be in late February.

10. Borough Elections
Borough Council president and members of Parks and Rec. committee could change. Anticipating a new member and chair of Parks and Rec.

11. (14) Bare Roots trees were planted Nov. 7 & 8
Trees were planted at Knight Park, Locust Street Park, Pickering Field, Ricciardi Park and by Boro Hall, Trax Café and a property at Fulling Mill Ct. and Tennis Ave. They were much bigger than expected. The Borough Highway Dept. helped pick them up.
• ACTION: We will advertise for volunteers to water the trees next spring and summer

12. Budget Review
The 2009 budget may be spent except for a small amount. We asked for $2400 for 2010. Mary Aversa said that she could put $1200 in.
• ACTION: Susan C needs to clarify if there is $106 or $6 on 2009 budget.
• ACTION: Susan C will review Borough Budget for 2010 and send an email about whether we need to go to Council meeting on Nov. 19 to advocate for our budget.

13. Green Committee
• ACTION: Daniel is convening a meeting Nov. 12 at Ambler Theater to discuss the Green Pledge, and Green Business Awards.

14. BoRit Asbestos Site
The site was NPL listed. Sampling is about to begin to determine what toxic materials are there and how much is there. In the meantime, Rose Valley Creek is being treated with a concrete retaining wall and concrete mats so that for 800 feet of the stream there will be no natural look or habitat for migrating species. Containing the possible threat of materials leaving the site through erosion has been the priority action.

 Green roofs
 Homeowner stormwater management
 Downtown Tree Management Policy
 Permanent street and park recycling containers
 Solar Panels on Garage
 Green Buildings permit incentives