2009-10-13 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council
Notes of Tuesday, October 13th 2009 6:45 to 8:30 pm—

Attendance: Members: Susan Johnsson Absent: Sigi Koko
Skip Kershner David Morgan
Susan Curry Candace Kanaplue
Visitors: Daniel Brouse

Next Meeting: November 10 — Tuesday
(change to 2nd Tuesdays, 6:45-8:30 PM)

1. Plastic Bag Free Ambler
• ACTION: Susan C will design a questionnaire for us to visit the 100 businesses to inquire about their use of plastic bags, reducing their use, the Green Pledge, and selling our reusable bags.
• ACTION: Sigi will post a page about the bags on our EAC.org web site.
• ACTION: All will watch out for events where we can sell the bags
• ACTION: Susan C will prepare an accounting of revenue and expenses and have all bag finances run through the Borough form now on.
• ACTION: All to think about how to market the bags as Christmas gifts.

2. Web Page
Mary Aversa declared that we can post any factual information, that we should avoid any opinions or persuasive advocacy regarding political decisions.
• ACTION: Daniel & Sigi will work together on WebPage to get it running
• ACTION: Putting up “minutes” on website is welcome. We will post the winning design for the twill bags on the website because that has been published
• ACTION: Susan C will write about the Downtown Tree Management Policy essentially reporting the items that Council approved, and other items still under investigation
• ACTION: Put mission statement on next agenda

Susan C circulated a draft for the next publication. Great job! To David, 

4. Oktoberfest
Skip Kershner staffed the booth along with David and Daniel. Two bags sold. A few took volunteer event flyers. Booth was not in a prominent location. There was more activity at the booth after David brought some handouts on lawn care.
• ACTION: Try to get near Plant Ambler next year.

5. Borough Park – Removing Invasives – October 17 8:00-1:00 – rain date Sunday afternoon
Susan reported about 40-50 volunteers are expected.
• ACTION: Skip will bring EZ-up tent and wheel barrow.
• ACTION: Susan J will captain the Tool Library. The Susans will confer on Wed. morning at 8:30
• ACTION: Susan C needs to send out the press release.

6. Green Map
Skip will meet with Mary Aversa Wed morning to get a better street map. Goal is to have a 11×17” sized map that show connections to neighboring trails and bike routes. Decide to have two colors: Black and green on white paper. Deadline: ready for handout at Spring events
• ACTION: Skip to show all parks, waterfowl preserve, WVWA
• ACTION: look at other bike route maps for their caveat statement about “safety”

7. Review of 2009 EAC expenditures
• ACTION: Accept budget as submitted

8. Review of 2010 Proposed EAC Budget
• ACTION: Accept as submitted. Submit to Tom Kenney.

9. Update on Floodplain and other Ordinances
Susan C reported that there will be a subcommittee meeting of Park and Recreation to examine the new ordinance and the original ordinance and decide what to recommend to Council on Oct. 22. The other ordinances are brand new and will be considered in a later month.
• ACTION: Susan C will inquire when Mary Aversa will schedule the subcommittee meeting.
• ACTION: Susan C will check with Jim Dougherty on numbers of properties each ordinance could apply to.

10. Jt. EACs of the Wissahickon
Next meeting is Tuesday Oct. 27 at 7:00 at WVWA. Mary Aversa will be a guest speaker.

11. Next Community Tree Planting
• ACTION: –SAVE THE DATE — scheduled April 10, 2010 9:00 to 3:00