2009-08-13 Ambler Environmental EAC minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council
August 13, 2009, Boro Hall Conference Room
6:45 pm to 9 pm

Members present: Sigi Koko, Skip Kershner, Candace Kanaplue, Susan Curry, Susan Johnson, David Morgan, and Daniel Brouse. One vacant seat. Associate: Judy Baigis

1. Plastic Bag-Free Ambler
Sigi and Candace decided the “twill” bag was the best. Susan J. found out that the cost from ingreetings.com is $3.55/bag and $17.00 for shipping. 100 bags will be ordered, 25 of each design. It was agreed upon to price the bags at $5.50, the EAC could take $0.75 and the seller would profit $1.00. The next steps are to talk to schools, businesses, and scout groups which will be discussed at the next EAC meeting. It was determined that the sellers will be required to purchase the bags at $4.50/bag so the EAC can expeditiously pay back Sigi and will not have to worry about losing bags or not getting back our fees.
• Susan J. will order the bags.
• A bag stuffing party will be held at Susan J.’s home on Mon August 31 at 7:00 pm.
• Susan C. will contact the high school.
• Susan C. will email the informational tag to place on each bag for approval.
• Susan C. will edit the web sites at the bottom of the insert.
• Susan C. will do stanchion research.
• David will find out the school events and contact the PTOs for events and if they will sell the bags as a fundraiser with prepurchase.
• Daniel will follow up with Ambler Main St regarding selling bags on their web site.
• Sigi will email Susan a word document to copy text for the insert, and Daniel the text only for the web site.
• Sigi will email Candace small .jpgs of the designs for use on the reorder form and flyers/posters.
• Sigi will email an EAC letterhead template to everyone to use in EAC communications to outside.
• Candace will edit and finalize the order form.

2. Green Day in Ambler
Candace had nothing to report. We are supporting only a dedicated block at the Oktoberfest on Oct. 3 at this point. Candace will not be available for the day of the event.
 Candace will call Julie from Verde Home.

3. Subdivision and Land Development Plans Review
Judy brought two subdivision plans (one showed land development) that had been submitted to Boro Planning Commission; one would be decided at next Boro Council meeting. EAC members want to and should start reviewing all subdivision and land development applications formally so the environmental concerns are represented.
 Candace will review and write a formal letter to the applicant on the land development application. DELETED ACTION
 Susan will reinitiate a request to become a step in the formal review process with Borough Council.

4. EAC web site
The web site is up. www.AmblerEAC.org
• Daniel will take our documents and put them on the site, everyone should email him.
• Sigi will help Daniel with designing the site.
• There will be one password and user name so everyone can get onto the site and add something or edit in the future.
• Susan C. will inquire if the Boro needs to approve or review what’s up there. We will have links to other EACs and projects.

5. Flooding
Andrew sent an email, but was not present to discuss. Sigi mentioned there are two simple, relatively affordable development practices to implement, homeowner vegetative swales and rain gardens.

6. Green roofs
Green roofs were listed as one mitigation factor in the proposed NPDES guidelines for addressing nonpoint source pollution and storm water management. Now is a good time to move forward with the “Green Roofs of Ambler” initiative
• Sigi will map the potential green roofs in Ambler on an aerial that Susan C will forward found by Tim Morgan.
• Susan will resend to EAC members a power point presentation from another EAC that was very compelling

7. Green Map
Skip has been fascinated with his research. It was determined that the map should be fairly basic, concentrating on the Borough only, with some overlap of adjacent municipalities showing connections to their proposed trails. It should be a small sheet (11”x17”), free to the public. The map will be on one side and details of existing features and proposed features will be on the back. The maps should be displayed in public places such as Borough Hall, Ambler library, and the new Knight Park facility.
• Susan C. will get Skip Fred Connor’s map information.
• Skip will continue work on the map, visit all the “open space” sites, and try to integrate Fred Connor’s map to ours

8. DRBC letter
Candace will write a letter on behalf of the EAC to the DRBC (as requested by the Delaware Riverkeepers.) encouraging restriction of any new development within floodplains in the Delaware River Basin.

5. Quick REPORTS
a. Stormwater Ordinance changes – Clean Water Action provided free to the Borough one revised ordinance on floodplains and 4 new ordinances on steep slopes, wetlands, woodlands, and riparian buffers. They will be reviewed by the engineer and the county, revised as they suggest, and then go to the Boro PC in September.
b. Downtown Tree Management policy – A brief will introduce them to the findings and recommendations on Aug. 18. A more formal presentation to Council September 1.
c. Awarded two grants for riparian buffers in Borough Park – Merck ($59,650) and TreeVitalize ($25,xxx)– this is turning into an opportunity to expand on the project to do more for flooding.

Tour of sustainable landscaping: A group contacted Susan C. regarding a tour of yards in the Borough that have sustainable features. No one could think of any, however David mentioned he will be planning one hopefully to be installed by the fall.
Recycling containers for parks: David looked into recycling containers, one with a hole which would be obviously for bottles/cans only costs $169. Susan mentioned the 904 performance grant money and would like David to look into how the Borough can comply with the guidelines. Susan C gave David a marked copy of the guidelines.

 Growing Greener grant for Stuart Farm Creek Restoration, will involve 2012 volunteer planning

September 10 6:45pm