2009-05-14 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council
May 14, 2009, Boro Hall Conference Room
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
NOTES (quorum not present most of meeting)

Members present: Susan Curry, Susan Johnsson, Sigi Koko, and David Morgan (for a half hour). Absent: Candace Kanaplue. Skip Kershner (new appointment), one vacant seat. Associate: Daniel Brouse

1. April 25 Wissahickon Stream Clean-Up (Rose Valley, Tannery Run, Stuart Farm Creek)
Went very well. Candace organized and her publicity netted about 25 volunteers, more than we needed. Only about 1/3 of the usual debris was found.

2. Plastic Bag-Free Ambler
Sigi arrived early to share the best ten of 44 entries from the middle school students. We selected a winner and about 6 runners up.
• Sigi presented a spread sheet of canvas bag companies. Canvas is preferred option due to their longevity and “washability”. We decided to work with www.ingreetings.com An initial run of 25 per four drawings would cost under $500.
• Where will bags be stored once ordered?
• Businesses can sponsor the bags with their logo on one side at a cost of $1.00 per bag.
• What can students charge for a bag? Price of bags will be determined somewhat by costs to us. Hopes that school can net at least a dollar and EAC to net at least $.50 per bag.
• Decks offered to sell the bags.
• Sigi will contact school principals to find out what is the normal price range for items for sale at school fundraisers.
• Sigi will create a standardizing border for all four designs.
• Sigi will front the approx. $500 cost and be reimbursed from sales or the EAC budget
• We will design an order form to use to learn how many additional bags to print –in minimum orders of 25.
• Susan Johnsson can sit at an end-of-school event to sell bags in mid June.
• Susan Curry will send the press release, all the B&W photos from the Council meeting, and the emails of the drawings to the Ambler Gazette for hoped inclusion in the People Section.

3. Joint Action by EACs of Wissahickon Watershed
Predominantly, the ordinances and basin retrofit improvements were chosen from seven options by the EACs. Clean Water Fund has read Ambler ordinances, and conferred with Susan Curry about room for improvements. Upper Dublin wanted to work jointly with Ambler.
Clean Water will arrange a meeting with Gilmore Associates next week, find out more about our stormwater ordinances, and offer to help customize and improve our ordinances on tree preservation, well-head protection, riparian buffers, and flood plain protection.

4. Energy Audit
Mary Aversa is getting quotes on the evaluating the HVAC system; we should save money this summer. She has applied for changing all the street lights to LED and for one electric vehicle for the meter person and code enforcement officer (within a multi-municipal grant using stimulus money)

5. Creek side landscaping connecting Knight Park to Green Ribbon Trail
Borough is awaiting county approval on plans for using Open Space money for a Knight Park “green building” community center, upgrades to the three park entrances, and a connecting trail from Knight Park to Green Ribbon Trail. Mary Aversa asked EAC to help with landscape improvement of the riparian area along that connecting trail – grants, materials, landscape design, and labor. Caddick agreed to move fencing and concrete on the banks to make more room for the trail.
ACTION: EAC will encourage Mary Aversa to involve Sigi in the green building design phase.

6. Quick REPORTS
a. Susan Johnsson passed out slips from Khiet’s emails that mentioned selected opportunities that members might want to follow-up on
b. CAG –BoRit site has been listed on NPL. Remedial Investigation will proceed to find out what hazardous substances are there, how deep and what quantity is there. Hopefully, will discover the location of the former quarry site.
c. Green Committee – Green Pledge is on hold until new AMS Manager Teresa Clement (sp?) is on the job
d. Downtown Tree Management policy –a rewrite requested by Ron and Susan has delayed the completion of the policy recommendations. Aiming for July presentation.
e. Bike routes and racks – on hold until Andrew Salvadore and the cub scouts plot the locations fro the bike racks and launch their letter campaign to welders and designer.

Additionally, we discussed having a website of our own linked to Borough site and PEC. Daniels can host it and manage it. Domain registration = $10/year. AmblerEAC.com We would have static information, and maybe an events calendar, and list of EAC accomplishments and email address to contact.

Susan Curry seeking space in the Borough conference room for a shelf full of books relevant to local environmental issues.

Council attendance schedule:
May 19 – Susan Johnsson
June 2 – Skip Kershner
June 16 – Sigi Koko
July 7 – Susan Curry – to present the Downtown Tree Management Policy Recommendations

Vote in the primary May 19.

BuxMont EAC Summits – May 20, 6:30 Doylestown – both Susan’s going. Maybe Candace.