2009-03-12 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council
March 12, 2009, Boro Hall Conference Room
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Members present: Susan Curry, Susan Johnsson, David Morgan, Candace Kanaplue. Absent: Sigi Koko, Skip Kershner (new appointment). One vacant seat. (Potentially Jim McPartlin) Visitors: Daniel Brouse

1. Plastic Bag-Free Ambler
David and Sigi collaborated to get the contest going. Sigi worked out the details with the schools. The art teachers from each school will do the judging.
Candace discussed her findings regarding pricing and bag companies. Canvas bags are a lot more expensive, although these may be a more attractive option due to their longevity. David Morgan mentioned the co-stars program which enables a 2% discount for non-profits and governmental entities. There was often a minimum order of 1,000 bags.
• Can we order 1,000 given that 5 schools are participating, in addition to businesses? (Sigi later said each school wants 100)
• What will be the set-up costs for logo customization/printing given the need for five designs (1 for each school)?
• Where will bags be stored once ordered?
• Would Trader Joes or Whole Foods sponsor their PET bags with their logo on one side and the school design on the other side?
• What can students charge for a bag? TJ’s charges $2.99 for canvas bags that are very colorful. The PET bags at TJs and WF’s are priced around $1.00.
ACTIONS: Susan C. will contact Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Candace will investigate where to get PET bags, printed, and costs, then collaborate with Sigi.

2. Joint Action by EACs of Wissahickon Watershed
Susan C and Susan J went to the meeting Feb. 25. EAC’s may decide to update/integrate ordinances. Predominantly the ordinances will be focused on structural fixes, but also riparian buffers and stream restoration. Clean Water Fund offered to meet with individual EAC/townships to help customize and improve ordinances. Upper Dublin wanted to work jointly with Ambler.
ACTION: EAC approved shifting EAC budget amounts to pay $40 to join WVWA (budget neutral). Next Joint EAC meeting is April 15 at WVWA at 7:00 pm.

3. Energy Audit
The consultants did not show up for the meeting March 2. The Borough is going to get quotes on the HVAC system. Sigi also has some energy conservation ideas. There was one additional issue for WWTP improvement.
ACTIONS: Susan C. will facilitate getting HVAC estimates. Susan C. will ask Bill Paletski to call Bruce Jones.

4. Creek side landscaping connecting Knight Park to Green Ribbon Trail
Borough plans to use Open Space money for a grant for Knight Park. Proposal includes three gateway entrances being landscaped, a “green building” design for a community center, and a connecting trail from Knight Park to Green Ribbon Trail. Mary Aversa asked EAC to help with landscape improvement of the riparian area along that connecting trail. Caddick agreed to move fencing to make more room for the trail.
ACTION: EAC to encourage borough to involve Sigi in the green building blueprint phase. Susan C. to investigate grant options to pay for landscaping materials.

5. April 25 – Annual Wissahickon Stream Clean-Up (Rose Valley, Tannery Run, Stuart Farm Creek)
ACTIONS: Candace will do the organizing work; Susan J will be there on day of event. Susan C, Candace and Susan J will have a conference call on April 22 at 12:30 to discuss final actions. Susan C will email a checklist to Candace.

6. 2009 calendar:
• March 14 – annual EAC conference, Philadelphia Convention along with GoGreen Expo
• March 19 – 8:15 – 4:00 – Trail Towns Conference – Pottstown $20
• April 25 – annual stream clean up
• Spring/summer – rain garden care

7. Quick REPORTS
a. CAG – March 25 meeting at Ambler Theatre. In April, we will find out if its been listed on NPL.
b. Green Committee – working on Green Business Pledge.
c. Downtown Tree Management policy – meeting next week. Butler Ave. trees are declining in some places. Aim to present findings to Council in April.
d. Yard waste pick-ups – monthly curbside or alternative, join with Upper Dublin?