2008-12-19 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council  

Approved Minutes of Friday, December 19, 2008 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Attendance:            Members:

Susan Curry, Chair

Susan Johnsson

David Morgan

Sigi Koko

Visitors:     Daniel Brouse

Andrew Salvadore

Next Meeting:   January 8, 2009 — Thursday

(usually 2nd Thursdays, 6:45-8:00 PM)

  1. 1.  Budget – $1200.00 was approved for 2009 EAC spending. Susan C. recommended that the EAC delete our category of $300.00 for Bare Root Trees and $375.00 for the Rain Barrel Workshop, then diminish the “Manage Downtown Tree Management Policy Manual” from $600.00 to $505.00, so that our 2009 budget will balance with $1200.
  • ·       ACTION: To spend the remaining 2008 EAC budget amount, Sigi will order a bike rack to be delivered to her house and then Borough will install it. Andrew will share costs with her. Must be ordered and invoiced before Dec. 31.
  • Action Proposed: Charge a minimum fee for all workshops that we give.
  1. 2.  CFL recycling
  • ACTION:  Dave will check with Deck’s and Denney Electric in 4 weeks to see how full the boxes for tubes and spiral bulbs are. Possibly create another small sign that they can post near their cash registers to let people know that limited recycling is available at those locations
  1. 3.  Bike Rack –Discussed where to put the bike rack and having the Ambler borough web site announce where all bike racks are located. A park was the main site for putting in a new bike rack – other sites were discussed.
  • ACTION:  Daniel will investigate the Open Space Plan for a map of Bike Routes in Ambler
  • ACTION:  Susan C. will check with Borough where the bike racks may be placed and ask for Jimmy Wack’s and Anita’s suggestions
  • ACTION: Sigi will order one bike rack and decide the color.
  • ACTION: Sigi will check with “Twister” to see if they would be interested in having a bike rack and where it could be located

Approved: Andrew will prepare a draft proposal to us about his Boy Scouts troop writing letters to bike rack manufacturers to donate Bike Racks with promotional labeling.

  • ACTION:  Next issue will start in February for mailing before April. Hopefully we can highlight a planting event.
  1. Rain GardenStormwater and open space conferences dates were discussed. EAC will be asked to help with the plant weeding and watering if needed this spring and summer.
  1. Complimented Borough — Praise for the Borough on attractive landscaping and saving the trees at Cavalier Lot.

     7. Convening EACs of Wissahickon for JOINT CONCERTED ACTION

Assistance needed:

a) Susan C. will email communications and ask for phone numbers

b) Susan J. will make phone calls to confirm attendees

c) Daniel is willing to build his expertise in stormwater management

8. Downtown Tree Policy: Tree assessments started, but were incomplete due to inclement weather. The gap generated at the new Wine Shoppe moves us to ask the arborist for recommendations sooner.

  • ACTION:   Think about a spring culminating event: maybe a tree planting, and other education.

9. Plastic Bag Free Ambler initiative:  Sigi continues to work on a proposal and rationale, and how to proceed with minimizing plastic bags being used by Ambler businesses and stores.  EAC members gave input.

  • ACTION:  We (the EAC members and Supporters) will notice – between now and the next meeting – every time our hands touch a plastic bag and ask ourselves what alternative could serve the same purpose?


10. Green Committee:  Working simultaneously on having a “go to” website for businesses for information on green practices and sources of green supply vendors, and having the take-out food stores have recycling bins near the exit doors.

11. Energy Audit:  Ambler Borough Report was promised by PennTAP:   A disappointing draft report was delivered – needs more work before it will be useful to the borough Council.

13.Carbon Footprint of Borough

  • ACTION:  Susan will support Mary Aversa in her investigations to have solar arrays mounted on the asbestos white mountains with enough panels to power the entire Borough.