2008-07-10 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council   –   Notes of Thursday, July 10, 2008

Attendance:   Members:       Susan Curry, Chair

Susan Johnsson

Sigi Koko



Visitor:           Andrew Salvadore

Next Meeting:            TBD

(usually 2nd Tuesdays, 6:45-8:00 PM)

  1. Minutes Review:  June 12, 2008 meeting minutes reviewed.
    Secretary Rotation:  Andrew Salvadore took minutes.  The group agreed that all minutes would be reviewed and approved by the group before being posted and made available to others.  Objective is to provide accurate information for other help with environmental issues.

    ACTION ITEM:  All minutes will be reviewed and approved by the committee before releasing to others.

  1. Events:  Sept. 28 – International Oktoberfest
    This year’s Oktoberfest will be called International Oktoberfest in an attempt to widen the cultural inclusion and increase interest and participation.
  1. C.   Reports on: Borough Council, Planning Committee, Zoning, CAG, TRID

                  May 29, Morris Arboretum Green Futures

The Green Futures Program was attended and was viewed as a good opportunity for networking and learning and connecting with other local communities.  EAC member attendance should be encouraged for next year.  The two educational sessions attended were informative but seemed to be a soapbox for the presenters versus interactive as a learning seminar.

ACTION ITEM: Plan to encourage participation next year.

June 28, Rain Garden Workshop

Approx. 35 people attended.  Attendees expressed it was informative and a worthwhile workshop.

D. Budget review

The EAC 2008 budget was reviewed.  $439 was reported unspent.  Using it for the Rain Garden implementation was discussed and made the most sense.  NOTE: Later clarification with the Borough Accountant revealed we actually have $519 left.

ACTION ITEM: Allocate the funds.


  1. E.   Merck grant for $59,000 for stream side riparian restoration –no news

No report provided.

  1. F.    Borough Energy Audit – July 8, 14

The preliminary walk-through shows opportunity.  The next step is when a professional team comes to install energy meters to assess and benchmark actual usage.  More findings are forthcoming.

  1. G.  Recycling containers for parks and streets; fluorescent bulbs; other

David Morgan is working the issue and is moving forward.

ACTION ITEM: An email report will be requested from David and made available.

  1. H.   Ambler Main Street “Green Committee” — One commercial waste hauler

The business survey process is ongoing and is revealing many small businesses are carrying trash and recycling home.  A waste hauler pre-bid questionnaire was developed and submitted for consideration.  The questionnaire is to be reviewed by the team members for their comments for clarification.  It was expressed that a basic commitment by Borough Council should be obtained if we want to initiate a pre-bid meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Continue to compile the survey results, formulate a picture of Ambler businesses recycling practices and continue discussion.

  1. I.      Workshop for Businesses – Internal Waste and Recycling Management procedures

The idea of a workshop led by Sigi has been accepted by the business community and is a go.  Dates were being agreed upon between Sigi and Susan and with two businesses interested.  Date and location will be communicated when they are set.  Once set, the meeting will be advertised to the Ambler businesses.

ACTION ITEM: Set meeting date and communicate to the business community.

J.  Downtown Tree Management Policy assess opportunities – RFP out

The RFP was declined by two contractors and is still open.   The RFP is being sent to the committee members to request other interested arborists.

ACTION ITEM: RFP to be sent to committee members and new interested arborists solicited.

K. TreeVitalize grant for Rain Garden plantings, and implementation in October

The potential implementation has been changed to Sept. pending funbding.  The results of the initial workshop were very promising.  Other options such as community-wide rain barrels and rainwater traps were discussed.

ACTION ITEM: Grant options are being forwarded to a committee member to consider taking the issue on a more community-wide basis.

  1.  Bike trails, walking trails   No report provided.
  2. M.    Eliminate plastic bags?

It was agreed that it is a great idea.  Options were discussed but nothing was decided to be acted on.

[End of Notes]