2008-01-10 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council –
Minutes of Thursday, January 10, 2008

Attendance: Members: Susan Curry, Interim Chair
David Morgan
Susan Johnsson
Charles Stewart [Absent]

Associates: Judy Baigis (Borough Council)
Jill Eichelberger (Visiting Resident, Plant Ambler volunteer)
Doug Mueller (Visitor from Upper Dublin, retired Env. consultant)

Next Meeting: Monday, February 11, 2008, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, at Borough Hall
(For 2008: usually 2nd Thursdays)

1. Notes Review: November 16, 2007 EAC notes were reviewed and amended with a minor change to item 5 line 3: “trees”, not “tree”.

2. Secretary Rotation: David Morgan took minutes.

3. DCED grant for Downtown Tree Management Policy: This $5000 grant, acquired with the support of Rep. Rick Taylor, covers an arborist or urban forester who will assess trees downtown and help us develop a policy and plan of action. $1,000 is available to buy trees and tools. We hope to create an event for the Ambler community involving groups like the girl scouts.

4. EAC Membership: We are glad to welcome Susan Johnsson to membership.

5. 2008 Budget: The approved EAC Budget was reviewed – $1,100 for 2008. Our budget request indicated a high return to the borough for the volunteer work of the EAC. Total in-kind value is $18,100. Projects listed in the budget were discussed

6. Trees: A) Two trees of concern at Pickering Field have been removed.
B) A March planting of 15 Bare Root trees will occur through the efforts of the EAC four homeowners and the Penn State Urban Forestry program.

7. Tree Care Guidelines: Advantages of “Addapave” (sp?} were discussed. Susan J. is seeking names of communities that have used this product. We need to confirm the beneficial effects: porosity, durability, and benefit to maintaining ADA (disabled) clearances, and trash repellent characteristics, as opposed to grates.

8. Recycling: Perhaps permanent containers can be placed in the borough parks. ClearStream temporary containers will be managed by the Highway Department during Oktoberfest, the Christmas/Holiday Parade and the Auto Show. (Other events could include the Pops performance in July at the Savings Bank and the Dog Days of Summer). Recyclables should not be present in curbside trash. If they are picked up by the hauler, that works against the Northern Montgomery County Recycling Consortium regulations.

9. Composting: Education of the community through workshops and Home Town News was encouraged. Even apartment dwellers can compost. “A Guide to Home Composting” pamphlet by DEP will be ordered for display at Borough Hall.

10. Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels: Susan Curry spoke about rain gardens which entail particular plantings in a depressed area of a yard to allow rainwater to infiltrate within 12 hours, reducing stormwater runoff. Ambler EAC might seek to cosponsor workshops with Upper Dublin EPAB to build more resident awareness and action. Susan Johnsson will attend a workshop on Rain Gardens led by Master Gardeners on Wednesday, January 23 from 7pm to 9pm.

11. Conferences: Susan Curry is presenting the Ambler EAC WREN project at the Schuylkill Watershed Congress in Pottstown on March 1. Members of the EAC were encouraged to attend the annual EAC awards conference in Bryn Mawr on March 8. Registration fees will be covered by the EAC budget.

12. Energy Education: There is a four night course offered by Upper Dublin adult education on how to reduce your carbon usage. Course starts Feb. 27, 6:30-8:00 PM for $50.

13. LED Traffic Lights: No updates tonight.

14. Liaison with Borough: David will attend Council on Tuesday, Jan. 22 In February, Susan J will attend Committee first Tuesday; Susan Curry will attend Council on third Tuesday.

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