2007-11-16 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council  

 Notes of Thursday, November 16, 2007   

Attendance:   Members:   Susan Curry, Interim Chair

David Morgan

Charles Stewart [Absent]

Rich Palumbo [Absent ]

No quorum.

Associates: Susan Johnsson (Supporter)

Visitor:       Judy Baigis (Council)

Next Meeting:            Tuesday, January 8, 2007, 7:00 – 9:00, at Borough Hall

(usually 2nd Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 PM)

1.  Notes:  October 9, 2007 notes  reviewed.  Susan will send out a revised version.

2.  Membership:  Susan Johnsson agreed to apply. Vince Hee called to declare that either he or his wife will join the EAC. He wants her to visit a meeting first; she is finishing her last class at Temple in Landscape design. Jillian E is interested in coming to a meeting. Additional names from Oktoberfest and the Temple Ambler Tree Tenders training need further contacting.

3.  News from: Council – There are no actions for the EAC to take regarding the phosphorous TMDL limits on the Ambler Waste Water Treatment Plant. Planning Commission:  plans for the Cavalier Lot revitalization and Race Street rezoning were main topics.  Judy agreed to make a list of future upcoming projects that have tree planting involved so we can comment on them. CAG: Susan, Bud and Steve Ware attend.  Group met three times.  EPA announced they would present their decision in Nov. or Dec. based on their recent sampling protocols.

4.  EAC Budget:   The EAC has a $350 bill from Clearstream for the recycling stands.  We agreed to eliminate giving $100 to the Wissahickon Schools for Earth Day education, and find no-cost means to accomplish the Energy workshop and riparian buffer work in Borough Park. We revised the 2008 budget so it has the same total expense (see attached).  Susan submitted (with Anita’s blessing) a DCED grant for $5,000 (through Rick Taylor’s office) for development of a Downtown Tree Policy (Update: $5,000 was granted!)

5.  Borough Tree Pruning/tree removal:  David will contact Ron to see what progress he has made in reviewing the indicated trees.  Susan will contact Jim Wack to find out when the Pickering tree will be removed and by whom. (Update: both trees have been removed

6.  Montgomery County Green Futures—Tree Tenders Award:   Susan will see if John Pugliese can lead the award acknowledgement for the Council meeting. (Update: Anita presented the award in John’s absence)

7.  Buxmont EAC Summit news:  David and Judy asked for copies of the summary notes of what other EACs are doing.  There are inspiring projects and helpful references.

8.  Clearstream Recycling  EAC agreed to pay the $100 bill (per #4 above).  Susan will seek cost sharing from Ambler Main Street and Highway Dept.  David will help Susan set up for Santa Parade Dec. 1.  Susan will request Jim Wack’s support with collecting the bags and storing the stands after the event. (Update: Ambler Main Street paid $100 of the bill.

  1. Strategy to Renew a Shade Tree Commission – Item was postponed until Ron Ayres returns. Josh Kanaplue expressed interest. David will follow up with the person who works for Asplundh

10. Ideas to “green” the new Knight Park pavilion

  • Green roof
  • Rain barrels to Skylights with passive solar heating
  • Insulated double pane windows
  • Energy efficient appliances – compact florescent bulbs
  • Straw bale construction
  • Porous pavers that give walkers access to the pavilion
  • Use of salvaged material
  • Low flow toilets or composting toilets
  • Extra insulation in walls and ceiling for energy saving

11.  Leaders to Advocate for Particular Issues : recycling (David), trees (Ron), stormwater (Susan & Susan), education (new member), energy (new member)

12.  Committee Observers:

Dec. 3 – COMMITTEE:  Susan Johnsson

Dec. 4 – PLANNING CO –David Morgan

Dec. 17 –COUNCIL – Susan Curry

  1. NEXT MEETING:  skip December – meet January 8, 2008  7:00 to 9:00 pm

       Update:  EAC Meetings will occur regularly on the second Thursday of each month

From 6:30 to 8:15 pm at Borough Hall in the conference room.