2007-10-09 Ambler Environmental EAC Minutes

Ambler Environmental Advisory Council   –   Notes of Tuesday, October 9, 2007   


Attendance:   Members:   Susan Curry, Interim Chair

David Morgan

Charles Stewart [Absent]

Rich Palumbo [Absent ]

No quorum.

Associates: Ron Ayres (Shade Tree Advisory Committee)

Susan Johnsson (Supporter)

Visitor        Vincent Hee, Ambler resident

Next Meeting:            Tuesday, November 13, 2007, 7:00 – 9:00, at Borough Hall

(usually 2nd Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 PM)                  

1.  Minutes:  September 11, 2007 notes reviewed with changes suggested to item 3 A:  ” “Ambler has no formal Shade Tree Commission even though one is listed on the Borough website. There has never been an enabling ordinance.  The renewal of an Ambler Shade Tree Advisory Committee was discussed.  We will ask Pennsylvania Extension Forester Julianne Schieffer to examine Ambler trees to detect hazards in borough parks and right of ways.  Also, an October training for borough crews in pruning trees will be a follow up to the session conducted last spring.”

2Secretary Rotation:  David Morgan took minutes.

3.  Trees:  A) Toward a formal Ambler Shade Tree Commission, Ron Ayres, who is on the Upper Dublin Shade Tree Commission, will give us Upper Dublin’s enabling ordinance.

B)  Susan Curry will write a report of her meetings with Julianne Schieffer regarding:   1) identification and prioritization of Borough trees of concern, and 2) pruning training with Jimmy Wack, five borough Highway Department employees, and Tree Tender Scott McCalla. Fire blight was detected in several spots, so the need to sterilize sawing or cutting tools between cuts was mentioned.

C) Gerald Hoy, DCNR Service Forester newly assigned to Montgomery County came to Ambler September 26 to conduct a pruning training for Tree Tenders Judy Baigis, Bill Baker, Susan Curry and David Morgan. Some trees in Ricciardi Park were pruned.   Gerald discussed the likely appearance of the emerald ash borer fatal to ash trees recognizable by its “D” shaped holes.  The pest is moving east from western PA.

4.  EAC Membership:   Vincent Hee expressed interest at the Oktoberfest.  His wife might be more interested. Others who gave their phone or email at Oktoberfest were all sent messages or left messages to reply to Susan.

  1. 5.     2008 Budget:  The EAC request for $1,100.00 for 2008 appeared in the Borough draft budget on file at the Wissahickon Valley Public Library in Ambler.  Clearstream recycle stands will need to be covered by our budget ($350.00)
  1. Butler Ave Revitalization Plan: No news about “Street Clock” planting at corner of Short Street and Butler Ave.
  1. DCED Grant for Borough Tree Management Plan:  Joe Carlucci of Rick Taylor’s office contacted Susan encouraging the EAC to apply for a DCED grant due October 19. Ron suggested a landscape architect be paid to develop a plan for downtown and side streets.   Adequate root space is a concern to address.  Susan C & Susan J may work on the grant this weekend.
  1. 8.     TreeVitalize Mini-Grants: $300 mini-grants will bring $200 for Tree Tender tool purchases.  Susan will relay to mini-grantees the reporting requirements of the grant administrators.   
  1. Tree Tenders: Ambler Tree Tenders will be honored at the Montgomery Green Futures Award dinner at the William Penn Inn October 30.   Eight Ambler representatives are expected to attend

10. Montco Green Futures Conference: Susan Johnsson reported that municipalities are being encouraged to preserve resources such as steep slopes, riparian areas, wetlands, farmlands and woodlands should be preserved through “overlay zoning”.   An April 2008 dead line for funding of open space projects was mentioned — Green Fields/Green Towns projects can be funded.

11.  Recycling:  Five ClearStream stands were initiated by EAC during Oktoberfest.  Susan Curry collected two full bags from the five stands. Jimmy Wack’s staff usually picks up the trash after events. Arrangements for bag collection, and event placement for future events, as well as storage of the stands need to be worked out with AMS and Jimmy.  Our trial recycling at a Butler Ave event (recycling occurred at the April Community Tree Planting) was a first success. Discussion arose about acquiring: 1) more containers to accompany every trash box, and 2) permanent containers for both parks and streets aesthetically placed, maybe with flowers by Plant Ambler

  1.  LED Traffic Lights:  Mary, Jim and Jimmy all have copies of the LED traffic light article.   We await evaluation by Borough.

Submitted by David Morgan + SC  10/16/07